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Rash and Fever in 16 Month Old

Quick question; my daughter was running a fever for 2-3 days in the 102s. She is 16 months old. Took her to the doctor and they thought it was just a virus or cold. This morning she woke up with a rash on her torso, not raised just red and splotchy. Back to the MD, just a viral rash. But now, the spots are starting to be raised and have spread to groin, buttocks, lips and back. No fever at all now. 98.7. Has anyone heard of anything like this? thanks.

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Thanks for your input. I did not have to take her back to the doctor. The rash stayed one more day then faded. All is well. Maybe it was roseolla? My friends son had a similar experience at the same time as my daughters and they thought that for him...I guess we'll never know :)

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when my son was about 1 he stsrted breaking out in red bumps that soon would change to hives everythime he ran a fever or got sick. after many times to the doctors and the emergency room a doctor told me that that is just how his body reacts to the virus and that his daughter did the same thing and that he would eventually grow out of this. The doctor was correct he eventually quit breaking out I don't think we have had a break out in a year. The only thing I was told to do was to give benadryl to keep the spots and the hives down so they didn't itch him. Good luck

Old school thoughts...chicken pox, roseola, strep throat,heat rash, allergic reaction to detergents, soaps, bubblebaths, foods? Have you tried oatmeal baths, Benedryl (either pill and /or cream form)?, It may be an end result of the virus, so the topical treatments may work best. I am a mom of 3 (now grown) children and went thru plenty of undaignosed rashes. Hope this helps...W. M.

My daughter had that when she was about the same age. It was roseolla(I cant spell). I freaked out and my husband had to come pick me up to take her to the er. When we went she didnt have the rash yet, just the fever. After a day or so she got the rash and then she was fine. If you have had her anywhere you might want to let them know, like we would go to YMCA and I called to tell them. The dr said my daughter had either got it from a shopping cart or from the YMCA.
The dr also told me that with that high of a temp it isnt as bad in a child as it would be to you or me.

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It sounds alot alike 5th Disease. My neighbor's kids had this virus, and yes it is very contagious, but not uncurable. It just has to run it's course. Unless she was much younger I wouldn't worry too much, just use your best mommy judgement.

My daughter will be 3 soon and we had this same problem this past weekend, started on Friday, yesterday everything was worse so I took her to the ER. She has scarletina (a form of strep throat also a form of scarlet fever) I was told it is going around and fairly easy to catch. She just had her 4th dose of antipiotics (1 last night and 3x today) and already she is looking MUCH better and the rashes are going away.

One of my girls broke out into a rash from (possibly) a combination of penicillin and the flu virus. She had been taking penicillin for a minor infection when she contracted the flu. Blam! The next morning she started getting spots - a flat rash that spread in a couple hours. She looked TERRIBLE! Back to the doctor we went. According to the doc, the combination of virus and antibiotics caused it. Possible allergic reaction, but the doc said it happens sometimes and might not happen ever again. She was done with her fever by the time she broke out. She looked so bad; she was practically purple from the spots.

sounds like maybe roseola. My son had it probably about the same age. It is very contagious before the rash. He had a high fever (102 - 103 for about 4 days, and mild cold syptoms (little runny nose). After the fever broke, I was set to go back to work, but he woke up the next day with the rash , which got progressively worse. Ths rash ended up being slightly raised and light pink. Roseola is related to Fifth disease.

Sounds like you have some good advice. Usually, if the fever breaks BEFORE you see the rash it does turn out to be viral. My daughter's VIRAL rash took 3-4 days to clear. It's also a good idea to check for strep. But then my daughter was allergic to the antibiotic and got another rash. That one took a week to clear and I just felt bad for her the entire time, but she didnt' seem to be bothered much by it!
Hang in there!

Sophie might have a yeast infection. They get that sometimes. Have you tried butt paste? They sell it at the Wal-mart in a yellow box with a baby on it. Viral rashes just have to take its course. If it was bacterial they could prescribe something, but viral has to work its own way. Just make her comfortable and maybe try the butt paste.

Take her back to the doctors. Get an explantion of what it is. don't just let them tell you it is viral. I took my daughter to the naval hospital because she was sick and running a fever. They said it was viral but come to find out when I took her to her primary care physcian she had had mono. So now I don't leave a doctors office without an explanation. I would definitely take her back and get an explanation of what it is.

Hi there. My children just got over theirs a couple days ago. Mine too had the fever of 102 for three days, they both had the white splotches on the back of their throat, and then at the end they both had rashes that covered their faces and torsos and backs. I took them to their pediatrician and he too said a virus, but when my daughter's rash a few days later turned to a raised one that itched I took her back and he still said it was just the end part of the virus making its way out of her body. After her rash had changed it then went up and down her legs, on her butt, and her feet and hands and also made her feet and hands swollen. So I would say it is nothing to worry about because it sounds like the same thing mine had and was also told just a virus. All together it lasted close to a week and my daughters rash still comes and go. He didn't say how long it would last. Hope this helps.

They were both checked for strep on their first visit and that was negative. On the second visit they checked my daughters blood count and that too was normal. He just said continue with Tylenol for fever and Benadryl for the itching.

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