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Pee-pee on Clothes

I'm having trouble getting the pee-pee accidents out of the clothes and bed sheets. Some of them still smell like urine even after two washes. Does anyone have any suggestion?

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I also cloth diapered for awhile and I agree with the white vinegar suggestions. I just wanted to add that a great way to do that is to get one of those "Downy balls" and put the vinegar in there. Add it to the wash, but the ball won't open until the rinse cycle, where you want it. (I would never remember to put it in the rinse cycle otherwise). Also, baking soda is good, but DO NOT put them together--one or the other. And no fabric softener--that just masks the problem, doesn't take care of it. Hope that helps!

I just asked the same question recently. The thing that worked was soaking the clothes in white vinegar and water before washing in the regular laundry.

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have you tried baking soda or borax. i cloth diaper part time and in process of potty training an almost 3 yr old. those seem to get the smells out

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Could he have a urinary tract infection - because usually that washes right out. If you are not already, maybe try a liquid softener, sometimes those will help with smells.

Also, check the bed to make sure the mattress does not smell and is re-smelling the sheets. :)

That is the best I have - J

Hi H.,
my wife suggests using baking soda or even a detergent that is baking soda based.

Another great product that you can't find on stores here is Wonder Soap. It's an Austrailian product and if you Google it I think you may find a distributor of it here that may sell it in bulk. Both of these should help solve your problems, good luck.

When i was taking care of my grandmother who was incontinent i had to put her clothes through a wash cycle with a bottle of clear or white vinegar in it to neutralize the urine odor. I usually used the smallest plastic bottle they had before it went to glass. Then after the cycle completed, wash them again normally. You may smell vinegar but that is better than pee.

Vinegar is inexpensive too.

I have used cloth diapers for 11 children. Istarted by using bleach to get the odor out but it ruined the material and as I now won't use anything toxic it isn't an option anyway. I have used Basic G for years now. It is made by Shaklee. It doesn't damage my diapers and kills every germ under the sun. It is economical since it is concentrated. Yes I do sell SHaklee but I used it for years before I started selling it. I wouldn't recomend it if I didn't swear by it. If it can take the odor out of diapers it can take the odor out of anything!

Sincerely, K.

A 1/2 cup of vinegar in the wash does WONDERS! Eliminates the smell, but doesn't leave a vinegar smell after drying.
I have even upped it to a full cup depending on how bad the smell was!

I second the Borax. We heard about it from a friend of ours who uses cloth diapers and it has been wonderful! I only wish I knew about this three kids ago :)


I just asked the same question recently. The thing that worked was soaking the clothes in white vinegar and water before washing in the regular laundry.

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