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Can't Get B.O. Out of Nice Shirt!

Hi, everyone,
This is really embarrassing, but I can't get a bad B.O. smell out of a nice shirt. A friend handed it down to me and I don't want to toss it out. I most certainly don't want to let her know it stinks to high heaven -- she's so clean and tidy, it's absolutely out of character for her. But I can't get the smell out of the darn shirt! I tried soaking in detergent, two bouts of Febreeze, and a whole lot of washing. No luck. I thought of trying an oxy-action soaking product I use for diapers and post-flu yuckiness, but I'm worried it will take the color out of the shirt. Ugh. Any ideas?

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Brilliant!!! You all are the best! How funny is this: I'm taking all my new Stink-Killer ideas and dashing out to the washer like a kid on the first day of summer! Thanks so much. I have vinegar on hand and baking soda, as well-- and yup, I grew up with good ol' 20 Mule Team Borax, house-mommy's best friend, I'd say!

Great advice about line-drying -- I line dry every sunny chance and swear by it. Good for the planet, good for me, great 'floating fort' for the kids! Thanks again everyone -- what a great team of moms we are! :-)

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When I was in high school and was bothered by prespiration odor in my blouses, my Mom would tell me to use vinegar water solution. It helped....Something about chemistry: acids and bases and ph values

Try soaking it in white vinegar, it won't affect the color and might neutralize the odor. Try one part vinegar to 5 parts water. Soak it for at least 15 minutes but don't worry if you leave it longer. Then give it a regular wash, with a little softner.

I would try vinegar...won't damage the color and helps get out odors...also doubles as a fabric softener.

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soak it in white vinegar. for more suggestions, check out the "hints from heloise" website: www.heloise.com

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vodka cut w/ water...spray it on. friend of mine works in theatre and they cant wash the costumes and thats what they use!

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Dear D.,

One thing I've tried (I have this issue with my teenagers' clothes - and I hate that MY clothes come out of the laundry smelling like THEIR armpits!!!!) is Soilove. I get it at Ralph's - Albertson's doesn't seem to carry it, sometimes you can find it at the 99 cent store. It comes in a green bottle. Be careful, I believe it says to do a color safe test first. (I use it every time I wash whites and use it in conjunction with Fels Naphtha soap on our menstral accidents. - and sometimes on my kids t-shirts' armpits . . . ) May be worth a try . . .

Good luck,

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Baking soda removes all odors.

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Soak it in hot water and vinegar. Put it in the sink with a really concentrated mix of hot water and white vinegar and let it soak for several hours, then wash it. If that won't get it out, nothing will!

Try some vinegar, I know that sounds like just another odor to add to the shirt, but I have found that vinegar helps in many odorous situations. Soak the shirt for 30 minutes or so and then try washing as usual. The odor may not come out because the shirt was washed and dried before checking to see if the odor was out, not your fault, probably due to the friends washing. Once a garmet is dried in a dryer then stains and odors are usually set in and may never come out. So try the vinegar, what have you got to loose at this point.

Amen to that question!

Add to it: How to get the smell out of clothes that go to the dry cleaner AND how to get deoderant stains out!

C. R

I think the Oxi-cleans your best bet.....I've never seen it take colour out of garmets....

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