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How to Get Pee Smell Out of Child's Clothes??

My son is potty trained in the day but he isn't at night yet. Sometimes his pull up leaks at night. I wash clothes every other day but after washing they still smell like pee. I changed laundry detergent and have tried everything but it hasn't helped. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecitated!!

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Soak in white vinegar and water for 15 minutes. The stronger the pee, the more vinegar you should use. Then wash with the rest of the laundry.

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Trying having less clothes in the washer when you wash them. If you are overloading the machine, nothing will come out clean. Also, try using a product like Clorox 2 or liquid oxi clean along with your regular detergent. My husband works with greasy air craft parts and comes home smelling like gear oil all the time. You'd think the smell was permanent in his work clothes, but the clorox 2 seems to help. Oh, and use cold water, hot can set the smell/stain in the clothes.

You might want to also consider using overnights from Huggies instead of regular pull ups too. Probably more expensive and less product per package, but might be the laundry saver you are looking for!!

Good luck

I use laundry products by Melaleuca. My husband got into some pretty foul smelling mud--it was so bad I tied the clothes up to go in the garbage. He complained enough that after 3 days I decided to take them out and wash them. I used the full line along with a cap full of Sol-U-Mel (a cleaning booster) and they came out clean and no odor. Maybe that would be helpful for you.

Try washing them with white vinegar. It got the toxic alkaline dust out of our clothes after burning man. And it took the pee smell out of my sons clothes after our potty training boot camp.

WASHABLE CLOTHES (Hand or Machine)
SCOE 10X not only has the ability to eliminate body, perspiration, urine, feces and any other biological odor from clothes, but also will eliminate most stains.
SCOE 10X is safe to use on any colorfast material including wool and leather.
SCOE 10X is to be used as a pre-treatment before washing.
SCOE 10X can be re-used, so we recommend mixing 32 oz of SCOE 10X (making 2.5 gallons) into a five gallon bucket that has an airtight sealable lid.
Soak each piece of clothes in SCOE 10X for 20 minutes, wring solution back into the bucket, repeat until all pieces are treated and then wash in warm water as usual.
SCOE 10X has a life of 2 years after dilution if kept in an airtight container

This can be purchased from a company in Alpharetta:

BioFOG, Inc.
5950 Shiloh Road East
Suite H
GA 30005
877-648-4015 Toll Free Order Line

###-###-#### Corporate Offices

I have discovered the best detergent in the world to remoe this smell as well as the smell of sweaty 14 year old boys and stinky sweat from athletic clothes! its called WIN and it really works. Its expensive but so worth it just for this sort of thing. I find it in Publix; on the top shelf near the other detergents. Its formulated specifically for this! I desperatey needed something to gt the smell out of my son's football gear and found it worked fantastic on my grandson's clothes after he pee-pee'd in his pants too!

My son's pull ups leak at night often and we don't have this problem. We use a strong scented detergent and fabric softener. Also if his urine smells that strongly he may be dehydrated.

And if all else fails wash with a cup of white vinegar in the wash, it's great at getting out smells.

Soak in white vinegar and water for 15 minutes. The stronger the pee, the more vinegar you should use. Then wash with the rest of the laundry.

Hot water sets the urine smell in clothes. Rinse any pee clothes in cold water before you wash them (either in the sink or using the rinse cycle on your washer). Then wash them as you normally would with your normal detergent, and you shouldn't have a problem.

Of course, that will only work for clothes that don't already have the smell set in. I don't know what to do for the ones that already smell, but hopefully, this will help for all future clothes that get peed on.

you could try odoban spray .it is sold at many stores and very good. it got cat urine smell out of my rug. also try natural deodorizers like vinegar and also baking soda-do not mix together though or you'll have an eruption. also put a little borax in the wash you can find it at walmart in laundry aisle. if you can dry in the sun it removes alot of stains and odors from clothes.

Seriously try those Tide release capsules! they work awesome. I live by them now :) I used to rewash some clothes, but now Im not worried

I recently asked this same question and found if I add a little sol-u-mel to my regular detergent it gets the smell out. Sol-U-Mel is a melaluca product that is purchased online.

You can try soaking in baking soda and water. If that does not do it completely get some of the solution used for dog urine at PetSmart and apply to the clothes abnd bedding and folow the directions. I think it's called "Urine B Gone". V.

I have the same problem! Would be interested in the responses. Sorry I'm no help...

This was a request of someone else's recently, so you may want to search the topic to get those responses. When cold water and detergent don't work, I use warm or hot water and that works fine. Do the wet laundry immediately, and you usually won't have any problems.

I cloth diaper. What works to keep her diapers smelling fresh also works on her clothes and sheets that get wet.
You can try any of the following. They all work for me, I just use which ever item I happen to have on hand:
Soak items in baking soda as soon as you can. Or add baking soda to the wash
Add tea tree oil to the wash
if you can find it, add Bac-Out to the wash
I'm a Melaleuca rep and customer. I have added their product called Sol-U-Mel to the wash and it works great too.

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