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Party Ideas for 11 Year Old Girl

My daughter will be 11 soon and wants to have a party with just a few girl friends. I would like to avoid a sleep-over, but will do it if it works out that way. We are both trying to find ideas for this age group. Nothing to cutesy, but nothing to teenager-ish. She only gets to have a party every other year, so while we can spend alittle more, we are still on a budget!

Would love to hear ideas from all of you!

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Wow! What fabulous ideas! I did not know about birthdaypartyideas.com - if you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it. My daughter loved looking through the ideas on this website with me. We did decide to do a nail and hair party and she can't wait. Thank you all for your help!

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It really depends on her personality, her likes and dislikes. Does she enjoy crafts or baking? You could have the girls make a cute craft (I'd avoid the cheesy foam ones; spend a little extra and get something gift-worthy), or have them make and decorate cookies. Or decorate canvas aprons for the craft, and then wear them while making cookies or another fun recipe, such as personal pizzas or make-your-own sundaes. Or if they are more experienced in the kitchen, select a slightly more challenging recipe, but one they can still accomplish with attractive results.

Or maybe she and her friends like board games; online, you can search and find free instructions and rules for some new ones and/or classic ones to print out. Make the supplies ahead of time, or let them create/decorate their own version and then spend some time playing them.

If she likes scented lotions, doing her hair, and painting fingernails, like others have suggested, you could make it a "salon"-type theme at home. No need for expensive products, either--have the girls each bring something from home (a nail color or a lotion to share), or make your own products as part of the fun (find recipes online or in books borrowed from the library). You could include "mud" masks and make it more of a "spa" theme, letting each girl take a turn being pampered by the others--hair, skin, nails, etc.

If she likes formal things, a grown-up-style tea party might be the way to go--bring out the good dessert dishes and a pretty teapot (you can put something in it besides tea if necessary) and serve finger sandwiches, hors d'oeuvres and fancy tartlets. There's just something about bite-sized servings that seems to appeal to kids of all ages. ;-)

My daughter is more of a tomboy, but for her birthday, she and her friends enjoyed making jewelry--of course, not using the cheap little plastic beads for kids, but the pretty glass, semi-precious, and metal ones that I have used myself. My daughter selected most of the beads herself--within reasonable spending limits, of course. They also played tag out in the yard for about 30 minutes, and then came in for cake, ice cream, and gifts. After that, they pretty much just chatted and giggled until it was time to go home. They could have played other games that I had planned (Twister, Crazy Eights, and Girl Genius: The Works, to name a few possibilities), but they were having fun as they were, so I didn't bother to interrupt that. :-)

HTH, and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

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I have used this site for a few years to plan birthday parties and my kids' parties have been total hits!! It has THOUSANDS of ideas- themes and for each age. It's awesome!


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We always find great ideas in the Family Fun magazine. They have a wide range of crafts, activities, recipes...you name it. Here is a link to their website. Hope it helps!


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You can have a makeover party. Girls that age are eager to wear make-up, but maybe show them the right way put it on. Style their hair too!! You can go cheap and do this at home and do it yourself and a friend or two... There's also a place where they will pick up the girls from your house in a limo and take them to to the makeover. MY GIRLS is the one I know of in Lake St. Louis. You can even do Rollerskating! Here is a sight that might give you a few more ideas if you want to leave the house for the party... www.kidsinstl.com/birthday_venues.html
Have Fun!!!

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last year I had a victorian tea party for my 10 year old neice and 7 of her friends. The girls dressed up. we sent calling cards in their invitations which they presented upon arrival. Her mother dressed as a butler and esqorted each girl. We used the nice dishes and served the meal in courses. We went to the dollar store and got little toille bags meant for weddings and made goody bags. We found everything for the bags at the dollar store. They played crouchet on the lawn and were served lemonaide. We found a list of victorian palor games on the internet. If you'd like, I a can give you list of everything and the memus. my email is ____@____.com It required more time than it did money. We were really worried about keeping them entertained. we had set aside 4 hrs for the pary. They girls were so involved in playing crouchet and being served all the special food, that we never got to the parlor games, becuase we ran out of time. It went over so well that my 17 yr daughter and her friends decided to have a formal christmas party and agreed to even turn off their cell phones for over 2 hrs. and this was from a group of cheerleaders and ballplayers I was amazed.

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This may sound corny, but I wish I had thought of it when my daughter was little.
Have the party be a social responsibility themed one. You can have them make those fleece blankets with the tied ends to donate to a hospital or women's shelter. Make Christmas cards for service men, bake cookies for a nursing home. All they really want to do is hang out, eat some snacks and talk and laugh, but they can do it over a project. Your expense includes the snacks and materials or if your daughter is VERY generous, have the friends bring materials in lieu of presents. Let your daughter pick the cause.

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When my daughter turned 11 we went to the movies and invited 2 of her friends to go. Then afterwards was the sleepover...not my favorite part of the party, but the girls had fun. Another idea we almost did was taking the girls to a nail salon to have a mini-manicure..just a quick buff and painting with a design is what a lot of girls this age love.
Over the summer my daughter and her friend went several times with her friends mom and had a mini-manicure, it costs around $12. Good luck with your decision, my daughter always wants to go all out for her birthday, but we're on a budget too, but I do let her pick several things to do like I'm sure you will!
Take care,

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Have a cookie party. Let the girls make cookies and just have fun in the kitchen and together - under your supervision, of course. Decorate the party area like a bakery. My daughter (now 26) still talks about parties like this one.

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