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Birthday-on-a-Budget Ideas for 7Yr-old Girls

I need creative ideas for my 7yr-old twin girls' birthday party--keeping BUDGET in mind. HELP!! :-)

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We own a roller skating rink in Opelousas. We do many birthday parties for all ages. We offer public or private parties. Public parties are $50 for 15 kids. Private are $100 for 30 kids.
Let me know if you want more info.

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Hi M.,
my daughter is turning 8 next month, and she also wants a tea party. In this age, you know, they like to dress up.
i bought a whole bunch of different frostings and cake decors, they will be decorating their own cupcakes. I bought this plastic tee set at the dollarstore for $5.
Hope the party will be fun, A.

Try going to Nickjr.com they have awsome party ideas. They also have downloadable games for your party.

Well you can her them invite like two or three friends each and call it a dress-up party you use some of your old outfits and dresses and get some from friends that you know will not mind too. And then just go to the doller store buy a little bit of make-up and their you go have them make each other up and get dressed and take pics. YOu know girls that age always love wearing mommys clothes. hope that helps

Hi M.,
I have a 7 yr old son. Last year for his birthday I went to a local hotel and rented out their indoor pool for a couple of hours. Included in that fee (which I think was around $80), you also got a big conference room with a bathroom.... so cake, ice cream, changing clothes was easy. I'm not sure what your budget is or even if they do that in your area but it was sooo much fun. Hope this helps!

I am on a very tight budget myself, and we are having my son's (he is turning 1) at the Jones Center because you can reserve a room...tickets for ice Skating and Swimming all for free....all you have to provide is the decorations and food. We reserved the Arts and Crafts room because it has lots of bright colors and big tables that the kids can set around. And the theme we are using is Veggie Tales. They have so many different movies to choose from that you could defiantly find something to suit your girls. If you want some more info just e-mail me and I will tell you what I did for invitations and deco and such.

I did a Bratz party for my oldest daughter. It was easy and cheap. For decorations, I printed Bratz posters off the internet and blew up some balloons to throw on the floor. Cover a balloon with foil and hang it for an instant disco ball. For "fashion fun" I bought a few colored finger-nail polishes (the cheap Bon-Bon kind from Wal-Mart), some flavored lip-glosses, girlie stickers, and some pink hair spray. I got some poster boards and glitter to cut out tiaras and let the girls decorate them with glitter. They did their own mini-makeovers and I set up a CD player for some dancing and karaoke fun. I splurged for cupcakes and still spent less than $50. The girls had a great time and I took digi pictures of each one with the birthday girl for a personal Thank You note I printed myself.

We did Maddie's last party as a sleep over (7 years) and we'll be doing it again. Think about it - a couple of caffeine free sodas at dinner and cake time. Domino's has $5 pizzas - and they don't eat much once they get together. I made a dirt cake but I used really pretty flowers from the dollar store and the girls loved it. I got their gift bags from the dollar store - I just made sure that I was picky enough to not buy the kind of stuff that their parents would say, "Oh, great, they got you a bunch of stuff that I need to throw out when you aren't looking." I got all of my streamers, balloons, and banners there. It was really cute. They just went crazy. It was loud and they got cranky by the end of the night, but no big deal.

My favorite memory growing up was slumber parties. Then year after year they'll start in with the ghost stories and scaring each other before they all get too old to hate each other. We had no problem letting them go crazy - they're so restricted at school we thought, why not let them go wild? We had to draw the line a couple of times, but it wasn't bad. They didn't want to sit still for games - they were too excited! We were tired, but it was worth it.

Homemade pancakes in the morning (I took the who wants chocolate chips in theirs order the night before - I have an excellent, easy recipe that wipes alway box pancakes) and a little Juicy Juice or milk. It was very affordable. We had pizza left for a couple of meals (kind of good, but kind of bad too!).

Another mom did one and broke out the nail polish and braided the girls hair on her own - the girls loved it!

Not only that, but you're encouraging you're girls to get closer to their female classmates outside of school in a much more intimate way - they're hanging out all night together instead of just a couple of quick rushed hours at some rental place! I've ran into a lot of lazy parents that just use their children's siblings as their friends and don't let them get out. With my daughter being an only child it's so easy to see (I had two siblings and we were each other's friends - when I went over someone's house I was timid). It's special when she gets to bond like that.

They may hate each other in the morning for a little bit, but they'll talk about it all week. Plus you're giving a lot of parents a night off - they just may remember that!

Hi M.!
Well, cost all depends on how many children you will be expecting. You may want to have them only invite their closest friends.
There are many options for keeping costs down. Bake your cake rather than buying one. That will save you $10-$15. You can also make sandwiches or go to Little Ceasar's and buy their $5.55 Hot n Ready pizzas. This will help you timewise. Then all you need next is one activity to do at their party, if you schedule it for 2hrs. My daughter, who is 8 loves The RoseArt kits or the Lisa Frank Kits. You can make necklaces, bracelets, etc and that can be each girl's party gift. You can find these at WalMart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Toys R Us. I would also go to the Dollar Tree and buy pink or purple plates and napkins rather than going for a theme. Themed plates will cost you about $3/pkg., where you only have to pay $1 at dollar tree. And remember to keep your party short. The longer it lasts, the more money you'll need to spend for more activities.
Have Fun!

A tea party. If she likes tea parties. Invite a few of her friends over and let them have a tea party of their own. KIDS love it. My daughter is six and that is what we did this year. Make cookies or something simple like that. Boil the tea for them Set the Table with her favorite colored plastic dishes. You can buy a little cheap Tea pot from wal mart or the dollar general even. While they are having their party the moms can Sit together and have there own Tea party. IT is a blast for both the mom and daughter. I think we spent maybe 20 to 30 dollars on the entire thing including cake and ice cream.

I have always gotten stuff from the dollar store.. U have a girl so u know its not gonna be hard to buy party favors and gifts for her.. And then u can even make her cake or do cupcakes.. Always the easiest for me.. well good luck with the party

We also have had a budget slumber party. I let my son envite his two best friends to sleep over. I let them have a huge water balloon fight in the backyard. Decorate mini pizzas and bake a B-Day cake. We then finished it off with a huge shaving cream war in the backyard. I know, VERY boy but they all had a TON of fun. I spent nothing on goody bags or decorations. All I had to buy was cheap stuff. Stuff for pizza and cake. Dollar store for balloons and shaving cream. The kids remember it more than the parties we've spent a fortune on. Go figure.

We own a roller skating rink in Opelousas. We do many birthday parties for all ages. We offer public or private parties. Public parties are $50 for 15 kids. Private are $100 for 30 kids.
Let me know if you want more info.

I did a tea party birthday for my daughter this year. She turned 8. I got the girls to dress up in their best dresses, clothes they play dress up in or their moms clothes. It turned out really cute. Seeing all the lil girls with big Sunday hats and trying to get the hang of high heels was fun to watch. The girls had a blast and I spent maybe $50 on decorations and snacks. I do cakes so I made the cake look like a serving platter and put one of my daughters tea sets on top.

I had a cheerleader party for my 6 year old daughter this year. I hired a couple of "real" cheerleaders from the local high school to come and teach the girls a couple of cheers. We also had a "cheer-off" for a spirit stick. We let the men who were present (my husband, my dad, my brother) judge the contest.

I asked all of the little girls to come dressed to cheer and we had a ball. We played musical chairs, and another game where we tied a balloon to each person's leg and had them all chase each other trying to pop everyone's balloons. The last one with a balloon that wasn't popped was the winner. That game was a hit.

For party favors I gave them megaphones and little pompoms. The cake was a megaphone cupcake cake. It was SO easy, and I made it myself. I am by no means a cake decorator, so I was pretty proud of it! :)

Hope you have a great party!

We did a survivor bday party for my daughter and it was the talk of the school for quite some time as well as being very cheap. If you would like more details let me know. We also just did one that was a scavenger hunt at our mall (free) and then had pizza. Hope this helps.

Are they too young for a slumber party? My daughter had a slumber party when her baby brother was a month old... we were a little broke and a little tired. :) We made a cake and pizza and let the kids put their own toppings on both. I also got out some of our craft stuff and let them make whatever came to mind. The slumber party was a huge hit.

Hi, a great idea if there is a cosmetology school in your area or at the high school is to call and see it they can offer your daughters and a couple of thier friends a manicure party little girls love to have thier fingernails polished and/or get a cute updo. students will work on them, just make sure you call a week or so before the day. Some pizza, cupcakes and punch and you'll have it made. make sure you take a camera for those special memories. Hope I was of help. Have fun.

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