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Greasy Breastmilk Spit up stains-HELP!

My little girl, who is breastfed, spits up frequently and it leaves a dark, greasy stain on her clothes. It looks like I poured olive oil on it! I have even tried pre-soaking in Oxy-Clean before washing, but it doesn't work. Is there any way to pre-treat the clothes? What about after they have been through the dryer? Is it permanent? Ugh!

What can I do next?

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Oxi-Clean Baby spray will work even on the set-in stains. Spray until soaked and let sit overnight. Rinse with super hot water before washing. I find it at Target in the baby section and not with the laundry stuff.

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Oxi-Clean Baby spray will work even on the set-in stains. Spray until soaked and let sit overnight. Rinse with super hot water before washing. I find it at Target in the baby section and not with the laundry stuff.

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The only thing that worked on mine was a detergent with enzymes. The stains are milk based so they are protein stains. Enzymes will go in and "eat" the protein. You might find that clothes you had in storage that looked fine before you packed them come out with yellow stains. That's how I discovered the stains. My son never spit up so I didn't pretreat anything, but the dribbles are still there, and they continue to turn yellow even after being washed if they aren't washed with enzymes.

All my stuff had been washed and dried numerous times and in storage for months when I found the stains. After researching and finding out about the enzymes, I went out and bought ERA detergent and poured it on the stains diluted to about half strength. Then you have to let it sit for like 48 hours to give it time to work. I save up a small loads worth, then I will treat the stains, then retreat them again the next day, then run them through the wash. Then if baby is going to wear it right away I rewash with a milder detergent. If not, I put them in storage and will rewash when they come out. I got almost every stain out this way, only a few pieces never came out. Now before I pack anything away for the next baby, I soak a whole load in as little water as possible (just enough to get them all wet) with like 4 measures of the Era for at least 2 days, then just turn on the washer and do a double rinse. I just went through all my stuff again after a year in storage and none of the stains have popped back up. You can use anything with enzymes, even pet stain remover for carpets. I just picked Era because it worked out to be the cheapest. Good luck!

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Another proponent to Dawn here! It really does work on all grease stains - there are very few baby stains that I find don't come out with Dawn.

Use Dawn or what ever other brand of liquid dish soap that you buy......rub some into the spots and then launder as usual. This works on all greasy food stains as well. It works like a charm the first time you do it. I use this method on all my kids clothes and my own. It's great when you leak breastmilk on your own shirts too.

My mother-in-law told me to use liquid dish detergent on grease stains....It works!

For greasy stains I have always had much success with Dawn dish soap for a pretreater

I've found that shout triple action seems to be the best thing. I spray it on when I taked the soiled clothing off and put it in the hamper.

Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Removal. It can usually be found in the pet store. The trick is to use it prior to washing and drying the stain. Unfortunately, I lost a couple of shirts to stains before I knew about this product.

try using original dawn dish soap. I found this gets out pretty much most stains. And I have no issues with my front load washer either. I have even got out older stains that have been washed and dried several times with it.

We used the spray n wash with oxy power and it worked well on Braeden's clothes. It's hard to get those stains out. He spit up everything for awhile and this is the only thing I found to work.

For oil in clothes, use Dawn dish soap. It cuts grease better than anything else. They use it to wash animals caught in oil spills! I have gotten grease out of clothes that way. Just a little directly on the spot, rub it in, wash like normal. A little goes a long way--it's concentrated, you know. If that doesn't work, I don't really know what would. But it should work. It does for us. Even for washed-in stains.

I use Dawn too and it works great. I have it on hand because I use cloth diapers and use it to "stip" out detergent residue and other stinky stuff when the regular wash no longer keeps the diapers fresh smelling. For some reason, everyone says use "orginal" formula Dawn, so that's what I've always used. It works surprisingly well on all those oily stains that kids get. Wash with a good size squirt and the hottest water you can. If the stain has been through the dryer, try a little dilluted Dawn directly on it.

Try Orange-glo. It's a degreaser, works wonders on all sorts of oil stains. Biz also works for a pre-soak and as an additive. Because her baby clothes are treated with a flame retardant, you need to make sure that you use white vinegar in the first rinse to help cut the soap residue, then rinse again. This residue can add to the oil's ability to cling and not wash away.
Biz pre-soak, Dreft detergent, quarter cup of white vinegar in the first rinse, rinse a second time in clear water. Dry. Enjoy!!

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