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Getting Oil Stains Out of Clothing?

Does anyone know how to get oil stains out of clothing? Is it even possible after they have been washed and dried, or is set in forever?

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Wow! Thanks for all of the advice! I tried putting a dab of dish detergent (I used "Joy") and voila! Oil stains all gone! And these were shirts that have been laundered several times already (but, you know, couldn't leave the house wearing them... salad dressing stains on the front) Now, good as new.

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Charlie's Soap. You order it online. Just do a search for it and their website should pop up.
I soak all my clothes overnight. My hubby workes in oils and coolants and it is the only thing that takes the smell and stains out! And its natual too! LOVE IT!!

Hi, If the clothing hasn't been washed already, sprinkle with baby powder and that should lift the stain right out.

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Try Dawn dish soap (it gets the greas out!). Let it sit for a while wash again and let air dry to see if you can still see the stain. If you can try one more time. Most times it works but since it's been dried, it doesn't work all the time depending on the fabric.

I know I'm late to respond to this, but if you're still in need of more options, I found that Fuller's Earth works! You can get it at a place like Cambridge Naturals. They sell it in bulk and you can buy it by the ounce. It's a gray-ish powder. A friend showed me this trick back in high school, and I've been using it ever since. I take some Fuller's Earth, liberally put it on the oily area, and let it sit for a good while (at least overnight). I think it soaks up all the oil, and viola, no more oil mark.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Charlie's Soap. You order it online. Just do a search for it and their website should pop up.
I soak all my clothes overnight. My hubby workes in oils and coolants and it is the only thing that takes the smell and stains out! And its natual too! LOVE IT!!

I don't know if this works after the clothes have been dried, but I usually put a little liquid dish soap on the stain and scrub it into the fabric with my fingernail. It gets out some pretty tough oil stains (even bicycle chain grease). I haven't tried it after something has been dried, but give it a shot, it certainly won't make it any worse.

Hi C., I cannot state positively that Nature Bright will take out set-in oil stains; however, it has eliminated many other set-in stains that have been washed and dried several times. Nature Bright, in combination with Shaklee's detergent, is an extremely powerful stain remover. It is a laundry booster, and we use it instead of toxic bleach. In fact, all of Shaklee's home cleaning products are non-toxic. Yes, I am a Shaklee distributor, and I am responding to your question about getting the set-in oil stains out of your clothes. I am in Georgetown; where are you? If you are close by, I am more than willing to give you a sample of both to try. If it works and you would like to order some, you can do that right at my website www.emilytaft.com What I would suggest on these stains would be to dissolve a scoop of Shaklee's Nature Bright in warm water along with a teeny,tiny squirt of Shaklee's detergent (you can do this in sink or a bucket). After all is dissolved, rub a tad of detergent directly on the oil stains & put the clothes into the sink. It's a good idea to weight them down with something heavy to keep them under water. Just leave them for several hours or even a day. Then, rinse gently, wring them out and throw them into the wash. Again, I would add one scoop of Nature Bright (dissolved in warm water)right on top of the Shaklee detergent in the proper receptor on your washing machine - then start the wash. That's it. Please contact me with any questions or for us to connect so I can give you a sample of each to try. Call me at ###-###-#### or e-mail me at ____@____.com - hope this helps. E. Taft

I use Lestoil for all kinds of stains. I get it at Bennys, don't know where else they sell it anymore. I use a toothbrush and brush it on the stains. It smells awful, but after you wash and dry, you won't be able to smell it anymore. Good luck!

I have had wonderful success with the Stain Stick by Spray n' Wash. If I have a really bad or difficult stain I will usually apply it and then let it sit for a day before I wash it.

Try Dawn dishwashing soap.....it gets greasy stains out of my kids clothes even after they been washed and dried

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