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Getting Rid of Soap Scum and White Film on Glass Shower Door/Enclosure

So, what is your trick to do this?
I don't wish to use harsh chemicals for it or that costs a ton.

What a chore.

So here's the story why I am researching this:
In-Laws are coming from overseas to visit next month. Supposedly.
How long?
THREE weeks!
They don't speak English. I don't speak their language successfully.
A sister in law and her 12 year old daughter.
So, Hubby wants to clean and get rid of the soap scum/white film in the shower and on the glass door and enclosure. Oh, and re-caulk the shower too. So it looks brand new.
Fun, right?
You'd think, "Royalty" were coming to visit.
Being I am the Wifey, he thinks I have miraculous powers, to rid the shower/glass/tiles of the dreaded BUILT up over the years, soap scum and white film, on it!
Yah. Right.

So, as you can see, that is but one of the "chores" I need to do, to "prep" for the In-Laws coming to visit, and make their lodging with us, seem like a museum caliber little house.... which has never had kids/toys/clutter ever, in its rooms. And who knows... what they eat or don't eat.
And, we don't have extra beds for them to sleep in... for THREE weeks.
So, they will have to sleep on the floor. On a portable mattress we will have to buy.
I hope, they know, they will be sleeping on the floor and that we don't have extra beds, for them to sleep in.

Anyway, so, back to the soap scum/while film on the shower glass and tiles.
How do I, get rid of that?

THANK you all!
And for my meandering vent as well.

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So What Happened?™

I am just looking for cleaning tips. And just needed to vent about the In-Laws. Like most women need to do. Thus my meandering about them. I am sure, every woman/Wife, has vented about something or other.
I have done a ton for the in-laws in the past 14 years since I have been married. They, never even came to our Wedding 14 years ago nor even came to see our kids when they were born. Meanwhile, we have spent tons of money over the years, to visit them. Numerous times. Abroad. Using our savings for it. They were never satisfied. They have a lot of expectations. So naturally, I needed to vent. A human reaction. Meanwhile we have worries of our own. And we have another house guest this month as well.
But sure, we will have a nice time with them next month when the in-laws visit. Sure. I am always, going above and beyond for them and made lots of sacrifices. Even if they have not.
Meanwhile, I just wanted cleaning tips. And I needed to vent at the same time.
These in-laws are pleasant.. its just the all the expectations they have and it is for 3 weeks. We've all never been cooped up together for 3 weeks. And being a tour guide/entertainer/"Chef" for them for 3 weeks, well, I feel a bit strained. My daughter, well she didn't have a great time with the 12 year old cousin before... the cousin being a bossy type and a bit overbearing. So my daughter is expressing that to me. But, it is nice they are visiting us.
And yes, its nice for my Husband to have his family here. But I know they will go back home... telling MIL, all about.... me/our home and what I do here or not and how our kids are.

** Cheryl- per your response: There will be 2, in-law visitors. A sister in law and her daughter. 12 year old.
But, we already have FIVE people in our home, which is our family.
So, 7 people all together... when they arrive here next month... for THREE weeks.
The rationale being that it is a long trip from overseas and the plane tickets are expensive, so... thus, they asked if they could stay for 3 weeks, versus only 2 weeks. And typically, where they are from "vacations" are 1 month. But not here in the United States. So to them, 3 weeks, is not long.
But anyway, so Hubby said that's fine, 3 weeks they can stay here.
So, more mouths to feed/entertaining/laundry/groceries/gas/water/electricity bills, for that month.
And YES, we are not rich and have a tight budget as it is.
Cost of living in Hawaii, is steep.

We don't have a sofa bed or any other beds to spare. But we have an extra room. But no bed in that room. It is not a bedroom.
And I will not kick out my kids from their room either just so they can sleep there.

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My mom uses vinegar for everything. We even toss it in the bottom of the dishwasher for every load. I would try it..

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I use an amazing product I buy online - no toxic chemicals. Magic Eraser were a nice idea but they have formaldehyde in them :(

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I JUST DID THIS - even re-caulked! For the tub/shower enclosure, I use comet powder and water. It makes things shiny and does not scratch.

To do the silicone - remember: wet silicone will not adhere to dry silicone. So you have to use a razor blade to scrape out all the old silicone, every last bit. Nothing will dissolve silicone or remove it other than a blade. Then I use comet and a blue scrub pad to scrub it all clean. Then I bleach it all and rinse. Dry for at least 24 hours. Then re-silicone.

For the shower doors, I second the magic erasers - the best.

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Kaboom works very well & so does CLR. We live in the country & our water has alot of lime deposits in it. I was told the lime deposits is what leaves the "white gunk" all over the glass shower door. In our 1st house, I just cleaned with Kaboom or CLR. Our 2nd house, I bought a squeegie & we clean the glass after each shower. Sounds painful but its not bad, it takes a whole 30 seconds to clean the glass. The squeegie only costs a few bucks & we hang it up in the showers. However, buying the cleaners once a month costs way more plus, you have to use your elbow grease! Good luck!

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I second the vinegar and baking soda. I am pregnant and use these together to clean EVERYTHING in my house. For bathrooms - I will spray vinegar on whatever needs to be cleaned and if it needs to soak leave it be for a while and then wet a rag with vinegar and sprinkle a bunch of baking soda and go to town. Then I willl clean it all up and when my husband gets home I ask him to wipe over all the cleaned surfaces with a Lysol disinfecting wipe to make sure that it is actually cleaned and disinfected
Sometimes it takes a bit of elbow grease but vinegar and baking soda tackles most of any jobs
Good Luck

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I use an amazing product I buy online - no toxic chemicals. Magic Eraser were a nice idea but they have formaldehyde in them :(

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I also recommend the Mr Clean Magic Erasers - they work great for glass shower doors!

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The easiest and most effective method is using Magic Erasers. They take soap scum off fairly easily. It is much less work if you use them regularly.

You don't sound too excited about your husband's family coming to visit. Hopefully, you will all have a nice time together.

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I use a combo of baking soda and a drop of dishwashing (like Dawn) soap mixed with water on a blue non-scratch pad. It makes a sort of pasty wet stuff. It works on glass, tiles, etc. Yes, it takes some elbow-grease and scrubbing. But it rinses well and leaves a clean shiny surface without scratching.

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My mom uses vinegar for everything. We even toss it in the bottom of the dishwasher for every load. I would try it..

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