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Rust on Bathtub

I have tried many different products to try and get the rust stains out of the bottom of the bathtub with no luck. Does anyone know anything that will work? The stains are not very big but I don't like them and want them out.
Also, Does anyone know how to get mold out of the shower around where the seal is? I do not want to scrape it out because it will tear the seal but I am not sure how to clean it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I can get most stains out by covering them with baking soda and then misting it with straight white vinegar from a spray bottle just enough to get it bubbling. Let it bubble until the soda is gone, then rinse with hot water.

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Are you sure you didn't sneak in my house and see my tub instead? haha

I've still got rust on the bottom, so sorry. Can't help you with that. I couldn't get the mold off the caulk, either. It was disgusting. So finally one day, I sat and scraped it all out. It took awhile, but the caulk was even moldy underneath, so it was worth it. My husband then re-caulked it, and it looks great! It's actually whiter than my tub, which is a little weird, but it's better than it being black and nasty.

Maybe some of this other stuff will work, but I can tell you that this will DEFINITELY work. It just takes some elbow grease. Good luck!

The mold in the caulk around the tub perimeter which I guess it what you mean when you say "seal" can be removed and replaced with new caulk. You really won't be able to get the mold out of it once it is there, as it is porous. It is easy to call a handyman and have it replaced however. Or perhaps your husband is handy enough to do this himself. Silicone caulk is the most durable.
B. S.

Go to Walmart, look in the section that has Comet and Ajax in it and look for a gold canister with blue and white writing on it called "BAR KEEPERS FRIEND"...it is superb for rust stains and has no bleach in it...as fasr as the mold around the seal in the shower, try a BLEACH PEN...put it on there and let it set for a couple of hours. There is also a product that I purchased at Lowe's called "Damp Rid Mildew Stain Remover and Blocker" and it I don't think it contains bleach, there are no harsh chemical smells but it not only removes mold and mildew but there is something in it that prevents it. It's less than $5 in the cleaning section. I use it for some of my heavy-duty commercial cleaning jobs and it's great. For maintenance cleaning and for hard-water stains and soap scum, I recommend a certain product called "Tub and Tile"....Let me know if you are interested in getting it... ____@____.com

I can get most stains out by covering them with baking soda and then misting it with straight white vinegar from a spray bottle just enough to get it bubbling. Let it bubble until the soda is gone, then rinse with hot water.

Well, I see you have many responses. I had the same problem and I did not have to remove any caulk. I sprayed some Scrubbing bubbles on both the rust and the mildew and I then added Kaboom. I let both cleaners set for 15 minutes, got me a SCRUBBER and it a all came right off. It was wonderful.

Try Winks for the rust and Tilex for the mold.

I don't have any answers but I am interested in seeing other's solutions. I wanted to add a comment about the Snobowl. It works great but be careful with it. I accidently splashed the toilet seat with it and it took off the enamel.

clr or mold remover they have several different types of cleaners for both mold and rust good luck

Try a baking soda paste ( water mixed with baking soda) on the rust stains and the mold. Let it sit about ten minutes and then scrub of with a kitchen scrubbing sponge. For my bathroom I mix 1 part vinegar to four parts water then add 1 part baking soda to a spray bottle. Do it in that order or you will have a nice fizzy boom. I added peach extract to make it smell good. I also use this to clean my glass smoothtop stove.
If your rust stains and mold are still there, then trying using CLR or Soft Scrub with bleach. These products have always worked well for me in the past. Have a great day!

The Queen of Clean suggests using a 20 Mule Team Borax paste that you mix up and apply to the caulk in the shower. I think you are supposed to leave it on for a day or so. I have had mixed results with this but worth a try. Borax is one of the only things that is non toxic. We use it in the laundry, to wash our hair occasionally, and to clean just about anything.

Go to Lowes or another place like that and get a plumbers cloth! It will work!!! I love it!

I am using a product that even cleans brunt off of cooking pans I sprayed on moldy shouwer curtain let set 2 minutes used shower head spray to spray water on and a soft brush to scrub and sprayed water again to rinse Black mold came off Also used on tile and cleans wonderful PUT in the toilet let sset scrubed with brush and brown stains were removed email me off line and will tell how to get

I had that once and found out by accident that straight out of the bottle- cheap hydrogen peroxide worked! I poured it right on the rust and it disappeared. Hope it works for yours.

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