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Fell with Chopsticks in Mouth, Caused Injury

Hello all, we are on vacation in Asia (while there is a base nearby)and my son fell off his chair with his chopstick in his mouth. It punctured a hole in the roof of his mouth just past his 2 year old molar. This occurred last night. It didn't bleed to much. Today it looks like a white coating over and the area around looks red. He has complained a few times of it hurting (I think it has mostly been when he was eating and it touched it). Other than that he is acting perfectly normal. Do I take him in or will it heal on its own. The biggest thing I am concerned about is will it get infected if he eats? What should I try and get him to eat?

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Thanks for all the replies. I ended up taking him in before I even read anyone responses. He was acting very tired and wouldn't ear or drink anything. So I took him in and thankfully it missed the nasal passage and went through the soft palette. Doc said it was healing well and to give him soft foods, bland for a few days. He said if he develops a fever to bring him back. Called the dentist and oral surgeon (my son is 2) and they both said he is doing fine. The oral suregon gave him some tynelol with codine (small amount) and then I am to give him motrin every 8 hours. The family practice doc thought he wasn't eating or drinking due to the pain. So thanks for all the responses, all is well.

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Hi! I would take him in to see a doctor or dentist. That way if there is any infection, you can stop it before it gets worse.

Sometimes the child could act completely normal and it can go unnoticed. Since the mouth takes in a lot of food and other stuff, you may want to go to the hospital to be safe. :) I hope he feels better!

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Whenever there is any type of pain or injury that happens above the neck you need to see a doctor. We were stationed at a joint military medical school in the states and with all the conversations about med problems and injurys it always came down to going to the doctor whenever it was above the neck. This came from retired military doctors, dentist, med students, nurses, and current doctors. Personally, I would take him in just in case there is anything lodged inside the hole. That alone will cause pain and infection. Also you don't know if your child could have exposed a nerve or cause any damage to future teeth. Seriously you need to take him in. Hope your child is alright.


Take him in to a Dr. Puncture injuries tend to be more prone to infection than other types of injuries. It's better to be safe than sorry here. Good luck.

I say yes, take your little one in. Any time you have an injury to the head it's the safest thing to do. It may be small, but it's an open wound close to the brain. An infection could be very bad. My guess is, all will be fine and the doc. will have you make him gargle warm salt-water after each meal helping keep the wound clean watching it for signs of infection until it's healed. And, keep away from the chopsticks for a while! ;o)

Before I became a SAHM I was a dental assistant. You need to get him to see a dentist as soon as possible because the site could get infected and you don't want your little one having to have a root canal job done. In the meantime (depending on his age) you should have him swish with either Listerine or a combo water/baking soda. Please get him to the dentist as soon as you can and please keep me updated.

I would take him to the Dr. just to be safe. The mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria...

I am not a doctor, just a mommy and a clutz. So all I can give is my opinion. The white covering the injury is a scab that is what they look like in the mouth and it is probably going to be sensitive and slightly painful. I probably wouldnt take my son in for it. I would probably have him "swish" warm mild salt water a couple times a day and brush really well after each meal. I have a tongue piercing and that was the way to clean it so it would heal.

take him in, you can never be too careful with a mouth injury.

Hi there, I would say take him on in to get checked out.

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