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Seeking Advice on Son's Mouth Sore

Hi ladies! My 4 yr old son had a cavity filled this past Wednesday and of course they numbed his mouth at the dentist office. Well, my son chewed up his lip pretty badly while it was numb, and it is still swollen & is now turning green where he bit it. I'm afraid it may getting infected & it hurts him a lot. He doesn't even want to eat because it hurts. He is also complaining that his tooth/teeth hurt around the same one that was just filled. So, I'm wondering if they missed filling some of the cavity or something? Or does an almost 5 yr old have new molars coming in? I just don't know if I should call the dentist or if it is all just sore from the whole dentist visit still. And any suggestions on what to do about his lip? I have just been putting ora-jel on everything for now... (and giving motrin or tylenol) but that only helps for a little while it seems. Thanks for any advice!

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Thank you all for the wonderful advice. We let things go over the weekend & it finally looked a lot better. The green has almost gone away & the swelling is gone as well. His lips are chapped cuz he is still chewing a bit... but they seem ok. As far his teeth hurting, that seems to be getting better to. I think I will have a dentist take another look at the cavity though to make sure it's filled properly. Thanks again for everything!!

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Green is a sign of infection. I would put triple antibiotic ointment on it and get him into the doctor. He might need an oral antibiotic, especially if the sore is inside the lip where you can't put topical ointment. Good luck!

I would not hesitate getting him to a Dr. It sounds as if he may have a serious infection. You may even notify the dentist that saw him in the first place. However, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Sounds like the problem is not his tooth or the cavity but
his lip where he chewed it. He probably has an infection and I would take him to the doctor. He should be put on antibiotics right away.

C. A.

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Hi M.,

There are over the counter creams that stick to the mouth sore, which is also very common with kids the have braces. Try looking for those. That happened to me before and it hurts pretty bad and unless you cover the wound it will take a lot longer to heal.

Good luck,


If I were you, I would call the dentist office NOW. They probably have a recording that will list their emergency number....call it and tell them what is going on. I'm not a dentist but I have invested over $7000.00 in my own teeth and currently have a 12 year old with braces and a 10 year old getting ready for his. My best friend is the office manager at our dentist office and she says call asap. She also said if they don't have an emergency number, you may consider going to your local Urgent care or ER because if this is an infection, it sounds very bad.

Try using tea tree oil directly on the sore lip as well as on the gums around where the cavity was filled. If you can get it, the T36-C5 highest quality is best, but any tea tree oil should help. He may fight you because it tastes yucky but you will notice it reduces the pain very quickly. Also the healing properties of tea tree oil will speed the healing of his mouth. Just dab a little on your finger and rub where needed. I have used this for my teething babies and grandbabies, and have used it in my own mouth when I chipped a tooth.

I would take him in. Just to be safe. At least give the dentist a call. Hang in there!

Hi,My Name Is S.,and I have learned that when It comes to things like cavities,and sore mouths,kids are pretty ON IT.I would suggest making an appointment and taking him right back to the dentist.He could very well need some medicine,or be told to just rinse his mouth with salt water...You never know,but it's better to be safe when it comes to mouth infections.
P.S.Good Luck,and hope he feels better soon.

Take your son to the ER.That don't sound good.If it is truning green that is nothing to play around with.I wish you luck and please let us know how is doing after.D.

I would call the dentist they will want to check things out. They may recommend rubbing some orajel on it or something they can give you a prescription for.

I would call the doctor to see what you can use for mouth infections. Next time if your son needs to have a cavity filled ask the dentist if he has a different numbing method. My son's dentist used some kind of electro pads that he moves on my son's face when filling a cavity. It numbs the area for only the amount of time it takes to fill the cavity. When he takes them off his face the numbing fades immediately. My son loves it he never has any problems after the cavities are filled.

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