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Cuts on Face and Gums

my five year old SD did a facedive into some concrete over the weekend with her mother, and has a lot of abrasions on her face and in her mouth. we took her to the ER when it happened and she didn't need stitches or have any fractures, but she's got some soft tissue damage in her face and a lot of brush burns. the doc's recommendations were to give tylenol and keep her face clean and let it heal. i've been putting neosporin on her face once a day but keeping bandages off it, and it's gotten pretty gooey and has yet to scab over. what's the best way to heal large scrapes on faces? keep up with the ointment, or let it scab over? also, does anyone have any experience with gum damage and the best way to keep that from getting infected, since brushing her teeth is very painful at the moment? thanks!

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Blot Betadine on her face with gauze. Let it air dry. This will help it scab and keeps the germies out.
Do not let it get gooey because an infection could start.
Do not pick the scabs because it will cause scarring. Let it
heal on its own.

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I'm not knowledgable about the healing part. However, once you are through that part, use Mederma ointment to reduce the scarring. You put it on once or twice a day for a few weeks. It seems like a long thing to do but the scarring should be diminished. My daughter had surgery when she was 18 months old and the surgeon suggested we use that to reduce the scarring. We have nothing to compare it to so it is hard to say how much it helped, but her scarring is very minimal.

Good luck. I hope it heals well.
p.s. We still rinse with salt water when ever there is a sore in the mouth. I think that is best. Also, I think the neosporin spray would be better than the ointment because it is a thinner coating (thus maybe helping the scab to form) and it doesn't require touching the wound. I think it is important to let the scab form so it can keep the bacteria and germs out and let the healing begin beneath it.

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Everyone has given you great advice for the cuts on the face,but one thing I'd like to add is, once it starts to heal get some Vitamin E gel capsules and squeeze some on the healing areas. This really helps with bringing the color back as well. It will take some time for the wounds or scars to fully disappear so keep reminding her how beautiful she is. My daughter had a nasty fall on her face last year and it took about 8 months for the color to come back and the scar to disappear.

As for the gums, have her to swish a cap full of Peroxide in her mouth at least twice a day, but at this point since it's fresh have her do it after every meal as well to assure no food is stuck in the wounds.

Good luck, I hope you share some of these tips with the Mom as well to reassure a good friendship.

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she can try rinsing w/ peroxide diluted in warm water if needed. warm her it might bubble a bit. i know when you rinse w/ it straight it tends to foam and gag me, lol.
as for her face i'd let it start to scab. once a scab has formed you can apply a tiny bit of ointment to keep the scab from drying up too too much and getting itchy. and also so that she doesnt pick at it to leave a scar.

It sound painful. I would keep putting the neosporin on to try to minimize the scarring. Hopefully the scarring isn't goint to be too bad. They do have maderma for kids that you can start to put on once it starts heeling. As far as her gums, I would have her rinse her mouth with warm salt water a few times a day. If any procedures need to be done make sure you request a plastic surgeon since a girl's appearence is important and she could be self conscious-that was advice from my uncle (a doctor) when my daughter busted her lip really bad. Good luck

Hello S., back in the day, we used to use warm water mixed with salt for our gums. Every day we would use this mixture, put it in our mouth; swish it around; hold it in our mouth then release it out in the sink. After doing it for awhile, the gums would get stronger. As far as the scrapes, I dipped a Q-tip in peroxide and put it on my son's face. That removed the scabs but yet healed the scar. But I cleaned the area every day until it looked better and began healing better.

Blot Betadine on her face with gauze. Let it air dry. This will help it scab and keeps the germies out.
Do not let it get gooey because an infection could start.
Do not pick the scabs because it will cause scarring. Let it
heal on its own.

I have always let it scab over. As long as it is clean then you are fine. Once the scab is dried it is the bodies way of keeping the germs out.

Don't mess with it too much - you don't want to crack them back open.

As far as the gums - maybe there is some kind of kid safe mouthwash you could use in the interim to keep down the germs and let it all heal - or just brush with a finger in the interim (it is a lot softer then a toothbrush and she will still get some cleaning from it).

Good luck! I am sure this will give her one heck of a story to tell her kids when she grows up!

Neosporin is fine for the face, just make sure to let it breath, that's what's really important, so no bandages (except to sleep if when she sleeps she reopens the scabs, if they don't bleed over night, no need to wrap them). As far as the gums, when my son had a fall like this they told us to use a dilute mouthwash (make sure it's like ProCare or Scope, nothing that normally burns!!, but he was very young, so I'm guessing mouthwash doesn't need to be diluted for a 5 yr old. Also, you can wipe the teeth with a warm washcloth, don't rub back and forth, it will irritate the gums until she can brush again.

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