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Son Is Complaining of Teeth Hurting

Hi Moms,
My son, who will be 4 in March, has a small fever and said today that his teeth hurt. I wasn't sure if at the age of 4 are they still in the process of getting their teeth? He hasn't been to the dentist yet because he has a major fear of doctors from an earlier health incident when he was 18 months old. I just figured I would see if perhaps it was his molars or something? Has anyone else had this problem? I wasn't concerned about the fever because it is small and I figured he had a cold or something but then today he said his teeth hurt.

What can I do next?

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Sometimes sinus problems can cause pain that feels like it is in the teeth. Just something to consider. . .


If you live near Montgomery a great dentist to go to is Dr. Marie Callen, http://outstandingdentalteam.com/ My kids love her and the place is very fun so that they don't get scared. If you want you can tell them that Kayla Kern's family sent you. They know her very well. :)

My son is 4 and he was saying the same thing for about a month. One day he showed me his tooth was loose. 2 days later it fell out. A couple days later you can now see the new tooth growing in underneith. I didn't think kids lost teeth this young, but apparently they do.

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Hi! While my son has never had this particular problem - I have! I have problems with my sinuses, and they often make my teeth hurt. Sinus pressure and/or congestion can make your teeth hurt! He may have a bad cold or a sinus infection. You can try the old trick of pushing on his sinuses, to see if he reacts. I would press just to the left and right of the nose, above the eyebrow and under the eyebrow (inside the eye socket.) I wouldn't lead him by asking him "does this hurt?", I would just say something like, "let mommy feel you little cheeks" or whatever might work for your little guy. My son just got over a sinus and ear infection, and I knew his sinuses were infected before I took him to the ped. by using this little trick. He was able to tell me about his ears, but not so much his sinuses. I hope this helps!! Good luck!

my dentist said to get them in at 3. iahve taken mine and the first visit they just check teeth and brush. my daughter just had a fever and here it was her molars i took her to doctor no other signs but fever. so it could be an infected tooth or getting teeth or start of a cold i would have him checked out at dentist....

Sometimes sinus problems can cause pain that feels like it is in the teeth. Just something to consider. . .


Teething can often cause other symptoms like low grade fever, sinus issues, or diarrea. If his teeth are hurting and you don't want to rush off to the dentist, first I would see if he would let you feel for any teeth bumps poking through where it hurts since this would help you understand the situation. If you feel the teeth are the problem, especially since you have had problems with medications in the past, I would go buy some homeopathic teething tablets. They are soothing herbs in a base of milk solids. They are tiny and dissolve instantly. You can just put them in a child's mouth, but of course they work faster if you place them where the pain is. My husband and I tried them ourselves to be sure they were working as advertised. We had immediate numbness where we put the tablets.
One of my sons is this age as well so I commiserate. Good Luck!

Does he have a head cold as well? Maybe it is his sinuses? Sorry I can't be more help.

my name is D., i am a dental hygienist. If you place your son on the bed and have him tilt his chin up, you should be able to see well into his mouth. Make it a game.
You can look for anything abnormal with his teeth. Many times if you have a cold or a sinus inflammation it will make your top teeth be sensitive or hurt. Your sinus cavity is right above the roots of the teeth. Also at age four he is due for his initial dental examination. Start with a good pediatric dentist.
Good luck,

I have had fevers that caused me to believe my teeth hurt so it is possible.
It is past time to take him to the dentist, though. Have him go with you when you are getting an exam and let him be in the room with you so he can see what is going on. You do know their are some dentists who specialize in children? They have play areas, show children's shows and play children's music while they are working with the children. Might try to find one of these for him.

Ask him if it is just his top teeth; if that's the case, it's probably a sinus infection. They can throb, and will also hurt more when he jumps up and down.

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