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Busted Lip

My daughter fell at school and has really busted her top lip. The cut itself is mostly on the inside of her lip and has been swollen for nearly 2 days now. Any ideas on helping it heal as soon as possible? Thanks!

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Put some antibiotic cream on the outer part of the lip. And some Campho Phenique on the inner part with a little ambisol for the pain. My son bit thru his and this made it heel in about 2 days.

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Our pediatrician always had me steep a tea bag (Lipton or similar), then take it out and let it cool. You then can apply the tea bag to the cut, and the tannins in the tea will heal it very quickly.

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Try a little vegetable oil. It speeds the healing

The mouth is full of bacteria and moisture. It takes a while longer to heal because the area is never dry and you can't put antibiotics on it that will stay -- besides, most say not to use internally. Hang in .... unless it begins to look like heck.

I remember carrying my son to the doctor because I thought his tongue had gangrene -- I saw white slougghing off areas where he had bitten it hard over black spots Just dead skin covering the buising .... looking back on the incident, I know that doctor was laughing hard at my ignorance!


Something that might make the cut feel better is to swab some olive oil on it. I have found that olive oil is comforting to scratched gums - it won't hurt like peroxide.

Call your dentist. They have a medicated oral wash he can prescribe that coats and protects the affected area within the mouth so it can heal.

Put honey on it. It will heal even faster than with neosporin.

Colloidal silver is ideal for mouth injuries. A natural antibiotic, it is very soothing and also very healing. Get the liquid at Akin's. Then put a few drops as often as needed on the affected area. Fastest mouth healing ever!

My daughter fell on a hardwood floor last winter and busted her top lip, in fact tore the skin that attaches the top lip to the gum (forget what that's called.) We researched and found out that this heals by itself. She looked just awful for about 2 days and it healed pretty quickly with us just keeping it clean.

BTW you can't possible have the best two daughters on the planet-because I have them!! LOL

God Bless!

Just keep putting ice on it and that should help the swelling,and rinse with salt water, the salt should help.

Put some antibiotic cream on the outer part of the lip. And some Campho Phenique on the inner part with a little ambisol for the pain. My son bit thru his and this made it heel in about 2 days.

You might try a little warm salt water rinse. Try swabbing the cut with a little peroxide. If it stays swollen and/or shows reddening you might want to call the doctor. She could have an infection at that point. Good luck.

My oldest daughter fell on a concrete floor earlier this year and busted her bottom lip. When I took her to the doctor I thought she was going to need stitches. The doctor said that the mouth heals very quickly by itself. She also told me to cover it in vaseline. This kept it clean and moist while it healed. I would try doing this, it worked for us. You could also give her motrin or tylenol for the pain. Hope this helps.

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