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6 Year Old with Scaly Patch on His Head

My 6 year old son has had some form of a scaly patch on his head since when he was born , then they called it cradle cap. Well now he is 6 and he still has a large patch under his hair. I keep forgetting to mention it to a pediatrician. Since my son is so healthy < I barely ever take him to a doctor. If I try to remove( wet or dry) it, all his hair comes off and he would have a large bald spot. Anybody have any tips on how to get rid of this or what it really is ? Thanks, V.

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Thanks for all the caring advice! It was just the kick in the butt I needed to not ignore this any longer. I decided to try the natural methods. Maybe first the olive oil. When I looked at my son's head last night to my surprise it looked a lot smaller! I wonder if it could have anything to do with stress? First grade has been really tough... and a divorce on top of that. But I'm still going to make sure I will not overlook this any longer . Thanks to all.

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We had a similar thing - my son is 6 also. We used baby oil and a soft toothbrush to rub it in then use a comb to take out the pieces. Good luck!

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My son is 7 and he also has had the scaly patch on his head on and off for years. All you have to do is warm a little bit of oil and rub it on. It will come off. I am also a single mom of two kids and yes they are so worth it!!

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Try a shampoo like Neutrogena. It could be just very dry skin (which my son has always had) or some kind of psoriasis or dermatitis.

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My kids get that whenever they eat apples. (My brother had the same thing and it was figured out with him) I watch what they eat and give them very little amounts...if it acts up then no apples (in food or juice form...not even added into foods). Then it goes away. Need to look at what he eats. Maybe see about getting him tested. Good luck!

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I would take him to a dermitologist so you will know and won't have to worry about it. You don't want to spend so much time worring there is so many more wonderful things to do in this world. It takes a phone call and a refurrel. good luck. M. R.

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Your Pediatrician should refer you to a Pediatric Dermatologist.
Gosh, that 's a long time for him to have this ailment.

What has the Pediatrician said about it? A diagnosis should be made.

ALso, is the patch in a round/circular shape and flaky or anything? It could be a fungus growth too.
But again, you need a proper diagnosis of this... since it has gone of for years, literally.

Take care,

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If it appears his hair will come off with the cradle cap then, I agree with Susan...I would call your son's Pedi and ask for a referal asap.

There are tons of remedies out there olive oil, baby oil and Gentle Naturals has a product I've heard works pretty well.


But, definitely see a dermatologist so as to not remove or irritate the area.

Good Luck!

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I just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine has the same problem. She started using a product line called Nature's Baby Organics and it didn't seem that long at all before it was gone. I would try that before you start spending alot of money on prescriptions. I happen to use their Moisturizer on my own face.

L Faison

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I am also in Susan's camp. Call the pediatrician immediately and get a referral to a dermatologist.
I have four children and have had some experience with something similar. For cradle cap, Selsun Blue Dandruff Shampoo works great - even on children. It's what my pedi recommended and works for other skin type issues.
However, since he's had it for years and his hair falls out it could be be eczema or Alopecia. My 16 year old has had Alopecia Areata since he was 11 months old. His hair fell out and never returned. The only one to help us with a real diagnosis was a dermatologist. Alopecia has been known to begin from eczema. Not to alarm you but since it's been on-going for years it should be checked out.
Tell me how it goes. I'd be glad to help anyway that I can.

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My son is 7 and he also has had the scaly patch on his head on and off for years. All you have to do is warm a little bit of oil and rub it on. It will come off. I am also a single mom of two kids and yes they are so worth it!!

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Try the natural remedies first - someone mentioned Jojoba Oil, which can be purchased at Whole Foods or I believe Trader Joes - make sure it is 100% jojoba oil. Also try coconut oil - it moisturizes and heals. I've used it on rashes, burns, all kinds of things.

Do not use dandruff shampoo - it is full of yucky toxic stuff - it could actually exacerbate his condition. I would try a more natural approach there as well, such as a tea tree oil shampoo - but don't forget to check the ingredients on that as well, since we all know now that even though the packaging says "natural" it isn't always completely true!

If that doesn't seem to help, do visit his doctor or if you are concerned about stuff your doc may prescribe, try a Naturopath. Good luck to you and your son!

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it sounds like some sort of dermatitis which can be cured with special shampoos probably...as suggested by a dermatologist. If you don't have a dermatologist, I am sure your pediatrician can recommend one in your area.

Good luck raising the kids on your own! I have been raising mine alone since they were three and not quite five and they are now 15 and close to 17. Hang tough! It is quite a challenge/opportunity but worth it in the end. God is always there to be our strength.

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Hi V. - I think I finally got the last patch of cradle cap off my 6 year old's head the other day when I had to treat her for lice! It just hangs around until you really scrape it off. Oil helps loosen it - I've used olive oil on both my kid's heads, then scraped it off with a fine-toothed comb. Both my kids have sensitive heads, so I don't get too aggressive, hence the remaining stuff at 6 years!

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I personally wouldn't use any of the medicated shampoos people have mentioned without a doctor recommendation. I would, however, use oil as suggested (olive oil is great, baby oil works too, really any kind of oil ought to do it). Get a really fine baby brush to rub gently on the scalp after you put the oil to help remove the buildup. Mind you, this is for cradle cap, but if that doesn't make the problem go away, you definitely should see a doctor. Don't wait until your kid's next appointment to ask and run the risk of forgetting again, just make an appt specifically for this. It's probably not that serious, but you'll feel better just having it taken care of.

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We had a similar thing - my son is 6 also. We used baby oil and a soft toothbrush to rub it in then use a comb to take out the pieces. Good luck!

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It could be yeast related so I would check into that. Now what to do about the problem. First - do not let a doctor tell you to put any creams or steriods on it.

Sensaria Natural Bodycare sells a wonderful product that you can use from head to toe, called Jojoba Oil. This is just like the sebum in our skin so you would massage it into the scalp, it won't pull the hair out and is actually good for the scalp and hair. Use a gentle shampoo that does not have any sodium laurel sulfates or dyes in it. Conditioner is not recommended as most of them have waxes in them and could be contributing to the problem.

If you want to check out the Sensaria products, I offer a first time customer a 20% discount.

Some will say it is alopecia but when it is just one area like you say it is probably because of rubbing the area and it is very likely something else. Eczema would present itself differently but if your son does have it on other parts of the body then I would be getting an IgG blood test done to find out what his food allergies are and remove those from his diet.

my son is just turning 5 and he still has his and I did try to take some off and some of his hair came with it! But what I found useful was baby oil. I put lots on and let it soak for a few minutes then I use a comb in all directions and it comes right off without the hair! Normal shampoo usually doesn't get all the baby oil out so use dish soap.

Hello V.,
My friend has had the same thing with her son since he was a baby, he's now 10 and she just took him to the dermatologist. They do consider it a skin disease. A little like eczema. She was prescribed 3 different creams and an antibiotic. This is a condition that runs in her husbands side of the family. The reason she became more concerned is that over time it has moved down to behind his ears too. I hope this helps!

Good Morning,

I strongly recommend that you log onto site NAET.com. NAET.com is a group of allergists around the world who treat and ELIMIATE allergies. They are the Only doctors in the world who eliminate allergies.

Skin problems are a sign of food allergies. I have had sever allergies my entire life, and have had many types of skin problems which manifested from the allergies. At 37 years old, I am now being treated once a week for my allergies by an NAET allergist. And it is working. I am doing well!

I am also completing my degree in Nutrition Science, so I can answer questions if you have any, but I recommend that you just log onto NAET.com. Find a NAET doctor in your area and take your child in for testing.

I'm sure you will get the results you are seeking.

Be Well.


It happened to my older sister too! Try using the aloe vera plant, the gelatin-like of the inside of the leaf, gently rub it on the scaly scalp. It will heal the affected area and hair will grow back soon.
When my children were small, I used to do that on their scalp because they have thin and fine hair, because my mom used to do that to me too when I was a little girl, to have a shiny and thicker hair Thanks to my mom) Now my 3 grownup kids have really thick black hair!

A little about me:

I'm a 44 year old mother of 3 ( Jay 24, Jesy 23 & junel 20) and they're all still single. I'm a friend, a sister and a mother to my children.

Sounds like exima to me. Go see what your pediatrician says and see if there is any medication that can help.

Try a shampoo like Neutrogena. It could be just very dry skin (which my son has always had) or some kind of psoriasis or dermatitis.

what have you tried so far?
I used to use olive oil on my kids hair. Saturate the scalp with the warmed oil, put on a bathing cap (one of those motel kind) before bed, and in the morning, first wash hair, then take a fine toothed comb and comb out the scaley patch. My mom used to use manayoise. That was thicker and stayed on better. I liked olive oil, since I was vegan.

After it gets under control, use head and shoulders shampoo, or tegron.

good luck, they do grow out of it.

S. Wolcott, LM RN

I would try 1/2 vinergar and 1/2 water it will smell but the vinager will release the glue and make it easier to get off this even works to remove nits from lice I have been told by my sons teacher she swears by it. Good luck let me know how it works.

Hi V.,

My son had the same thing! I found some wonderful products that have taken it ALL away! His skin is reacting to all the chemicals in the products you use on him (i.e. shampoo, bubble bath, lotion) I would love to share these SAFER products with you and help you stop this problem with him :)
I wouldn't waste your money on all the creams the Dr. will recommend. This TRULY is an easy fix!
Click below for more info:


My son gets this same thing... although in smaller patches. My pediatrician suggested that I use Head & Shoulders shampoo. I did and it does clear the condition up after a week or so. Just be sure not to get it into your child's eyes.

Why haven't you taken him to a dermatologist? That is the only way you will get the correct answers and how to treat it. Don't wait any longer. Take him to a skin doctor.
Good luck.

one of my sons had the same thing,
his Doctor had me try T-Gel shampoo this works good but....(use carefully burns the eyes)
good luck,

There is a homeopathic remedy for cradle cap- another name for it is psoriosis- clean up diet and try homeopathy, and oil it-good luck

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