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HPV Vaccine

E.D. asks from Seattle

I'm interested in hearing from those of you who vaccinate (fully, partially or on a schedule). Have you, or do you plan on giving your child the HPV vaccine? If so,...



K.K. asks from Dallas

My neighbor just had her daughter vaccinated for the HPV virus which is crazy in my opinion. I was just wondering what all you other mama's thought about the HPV vacc...



K.S. asks from Houston

I have a question for you other mothers' I know i have awhile now to decide what to do but i was wanting to know what everyone else is saying about this new HPV shot ...


HPV Vaccine

D.S. asks from Phoenix

Hello group, I am wondering if anyone has done any research on the safety of the HPV vaccine? I had previously declined receiving it at my OB/Gyn's office because I...


HPV Vaccine for DD 13 Yrs Old….. What Did You Do?

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hello, I am trying to learn more about this HPV vaccine that is out there now for girls. My daughter is 13 and our pediatrician had asked if we were interested in ...


Thoughts on HPV Vaccine for Boys and Girls

A.J. asks from Williamsport

I saw the news story last night that the HPV vaccine has now been recommended for boys as of age 9 as well as girls. My kids are younger, and I'm sort of not in love...


Hpv ?? Whats This All About ??

C.B. asks from Philadelphia

hi i just went to the doctors last month for my pap smear and it came back with hpv high so i had to go for a colposcopy where they go into more details so i'm n...


HPV Question

T.L. asks from Dallas

My sister just found out she tested positive for HPV(human papilloma virus) the one that has been linked to cervical cancer. Her doctor hasn't given her much informa...


HPV Vaccine for Boys

C.C. asks from Denver

My doc suggested next year my SON receive the HPV vaccine at 11. I thought it was only for girls but doc said recommendations have changed. Do any of you wise mom...


Hpv Vaccine

M.B. asks from Chicago

let me start off by saying PLEASE DONT SCARE ME. Someone had mentioned to me that women are dying from the shot. I had two doses of the shot. My last one was October...