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Updated on April 15, 2008
L.D. asks from Valencia, CA
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I need advice about what vaccines are neccesary and what which ones my 4 month old daughter can do without. She got them all at two months, which I was unsure about but due to lack of knowledge I decided for her to get them cause I didn't want to not get them and her get sick. Iam concerned that vaccinations might cause autism when they get them so young. Iam really worried about this especially with all the talk about autism these days. I'd like to know what other moms did. Your advice is greatly appriciated. Her Dr. appointment is sceduled for April 25th.

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answers from Los Angeles on

there are lots of pros and cons about vaccinations. You would feel horrible if something happened to her from vaccines, but how much more horrible if you did nothing and she got something horrible. I personally did my research then made my decision. You will get LOTS of people saying don't give any vaccines at all. Personally I pick and choose. Dr. Sears has great information about when and what vaccines to give. He personally has kids and chooses only some vaccines. Look at his web-site and do a little foot work. As for Autism, you have a girl and if you look at the statistics, in more then 8 out of 10 cases of Autism it effects boys.

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answers from San Diego on

I'm so glad that you're questioning this. I do not support vaccination as it does NOT equal Immunization. A child is not immune to an illness unless they have it or the NATURAL immunity is passed on during pregnancy. You're right, there is a great deal of controversy out there about these vaccines. The truth comes down to sheep mentality. The school will tell you that you have to vaccinate your child.. why?? BECAUSE THEY RECEIVE ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR EACH VACCINATED CHILD! Oh ... and so does your doctor! Now does it make sense why they pressure people? Money! Billions of dollars are made off these vaccines.
Also, NONE of them have ever had a longitudinal study done on them. The longest test was 25 DAYS! No test has ever been done on those that are given in a combo shot such as the MMR or the DPT.
Vaccines were all created when the illnesses were on their way out. And most are for illnesses we don't have in our country, not because we are vaccinating, but because we lack the right environment for breeding. Third world countries do, however, contain the right environment for the dieases to flourish. ASK your doctor when the last case of polio that he treated was. Or what about the last case of Hepatitis B in a newborn.
We are now seeing cases of these illnesses pop up and who is to blame? They say it's those who aren't vaccinating, but the viruses are just mutating and finding ways to overcome our vaccines or are returning because what we use as a vaccination is not what the illnesses is... such as Small Pox in which Jenner created it using the Cow Pox illness... they are NOT the same.
So much of vaccines is illogical. Back to the Hep B vaccine... have you ever wondered WHY they give this at birth when the people who get it are illegal drug users and those with multiple sexual partners? I know for certain my baby was not having multiple partners when I wasn't lookin... and he certainly didn't do drugs. And since when did Chicken Pox become Taboo.. I just turned 30 and when I was a child we threw chicken pox parties so we would all catch it and then become naturally immune! Measles, mumps and Pertussis can all be treated with antibiotics and once the child is over it he/she will never get it again! How beautiful is that? How simple?
Small pox is actually given as the COW Pox virus... they are NOTHING alike! So unless you are raising a little cow... don't bother.
HIV/AIDS was created through the mishandling of one of our vaccines. And now they want to create and HIV vaccine and put it on the mandated list for all 12 year olds. What that means is that we will have an overwhelming population of children infected with HIV. Sound good? I didn't think so.
Vaccines are wrapped in Mercury at a level 30x that which an adult should consume in a month.. all in one shot! The AMA and CDC has "suggested" that mercury no longer be used and so now it is called Thimersol.. don't be fooled It's STILL mercury under a different name. And California is supposed to have mercury free vaccines.... if you think that's really happening then you're delusional. The vaccine companies are not going to throw out billions of dollars of product. And they also are wrapped in formaldehyde, which is a KNOWN cancer causing substance. Ever wonder why we have an increased number of children developing cancer/leukemia?
Although you have a son, take a listen to the gardisil commercial the next time it's on. Listen closely to the wording at the end... it can't protect you from all strains... it MAY not provide protection at all. WHY WOULD WE DO THIS THEN??? Why risk it going awry in our children's bodies for no reason?
Here in San Diego there was a small outbreak of measles. Yes, it started by 3 children who were not vaccinated. They were treated with antibiotics and they are fine now. But WHY did between 12-15 children who came in contact with these 3 develop the measles if they were vaccinated and supposedly immune?
Why was the FLU vaccine said to be completely ineffective? The manufacturers admitted that they made it for the wrong strain.
You do NOT have to vaccinate to enroll your child. You can fill out the exemption form. There is a HUGE difference between MANDATING a list of vaccines and making something mandatory. The vaccines are only mandated.
Vaccines increase your child's susceptibility to ear infections, asthma, autism, apsperger's, allergies and other maladies.
I have a great book for you as well... The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is Not Immunization by Tim O'Shea. He also sites his sources so feel free to look them up. I did and I was completely dumbfounded as to how accurate he was.

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During this confusing time, know that you can delay and/or be selective on what your child gets. Don't ever panic that your child has a Dr. appt coming up and you need to have an answer as to what you are doing by that appt. Do the well check up and if your gut isn't feeling right, just tell your Dr. you are doing some research and will schedule an appt for the shots when you are ready. Most Dr.'s these days, respect a parent who is researching it. If they feel very strong about giving all the vaccines, they'll let you know. With both of mine, I delay or am selective to what they get. I am currently reading The Vaccine Book by Dr. Robert Sears. There are a lot of great resources out there to help you on the overwhelming journey.
Best wishes,

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answers from Reno on

My son went through the "typical" immunization process and thankfully doesn't have autism. What really threw me was that our last checkup (age 4) caught him up all the way to age 12. I don't remember that being typical when I was getting immunizations so I found that appauling. I have my own issues with immunizations because I was very healthy throughout childhood until I got a DPT at the age of 16 and started going downhill from there.

Back to your question...there are doctors that will spread out immunizations for parents who request it. I believe has listed doctors in our area that spread out immunizations in their online resource manual as well as a lot more useful information for parents with children who have autism. You can also not immunize as long as you have a viable reason to back it up (I don't know much about that) but that website has contact information for people who do.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi L.

I staggerd my child's vaccinatons and followed an amended vaccination schedule- HE is 3.5 and still not caught up but I am comfortable with my decision. Read the vaccination book by Dr. Bob Sears
There are two camps against and for not really in the middle and people ahve very strong opinions (like religion). So be prepared. We went to a shot talk in Dana point held by Dr Bob Sears- I would maybe read the book. I still have not done the MMR for the same fears but as my boy got older they decided to pass on some because he ahd outgrown the worries-AND it also depends on if she is home with you or what her childcare will be like
GOOD LUCK this one is one of the toughest decisions wou will make!



answers from Reno on


Ask your dr about the type of vaccines they use...are they mercury free? I know there are some parents choosing not to have their little ones vaccinated. I personally have my boys vaccinated because we travel international to 3rd world countries. Also check the research, this is a very personal decision that only you can make. Good luck



answers from Los Angeles on

go to this is an anti-vaccination website full of info. my kids are 14 and 16, they are not immunized and you can ask for the vaccination waiver at school. you must say it is for religious reasons that you refuse vacs but that is a whole tangled legal issue. when you find out the science behind vacs, you will not give them to your kids. it is appaling. mercury in the vacs. the serums grown on necrotized animal tissues... sick. injected into your baby? and does it really protect them? no. my mid wife had 6 kids 3 immunized 3 not. whooping cough breaks out, 2 of herimmunized and 1 of her unimmunized get it... do your homework BEFORE you decide.



answers from Los Angeles on
Mothering Magazine (natural living magazine) has a very knowledgeable and active ANTI-vax board. Read that board. There are new, great books out. Start reading. You can postpone the 4 month shots. The doctor might give you a hard time, but you need to present yourself and calm and confident, otherwise you will give a shot(s) and then regret it (like me 8 years ago). If he/she sees that you are uncertain, he'll say anything scary (your baby could die if they get X disease...) to get you to say yes to the shot.

People do different things... some people (after researching) choose not to vax at all. Some people vax completely. Some delay the shots (past age 2) and space them out to let the body recover/handle it better. Some are very selective about the shots, only giving a select few.

My son is partially vaxxed. I was in your shoes 8 years ago and at the 6 month visit I said no more (this was when mercury was still in shots - they were never recalled - they just used up all the lots). He's never had MMR. I gave him DTaP (last one) at age 5 b/c I was going to travel abroad and DH insisted. Fine. My daughter then 2 got her first Hep A (again due to travel) and then I postponed the trip indefinitely b/c I didn't want to give her any more (2nd Hep A, 3 DTaP shots).

There are many parents who had normal developing children who regressed after a series of shots. I didn't want to risk that. My children are very healthy. The doctors and researchers will argue that there was a pre-existing condition and the shots just were a catalyst. Well then, screen the children. If they are unable or unwilling to do that, I will not line them up to be used as guinea pigs.

The new gardisil (anti-cervical cancer vaccine for teen girls) has been linked to deaths and paralysis. Do an online search for those words and you'll read the stories. Granted, most girls don't have severe reactions, but again, my children are not guinea pigs. It's best for you to educate yourself, and read up, and relax...

Dr. Jay Gordon has a Vaccine DVD. He is a proponent of delaying and being selective about shots. That to me is the most sensible approach. (Though if it were up to me, I'd give none at all, unless I was traveling to a 3rd world country where they had a problem with Polio, Diptheria, or whatever. The country I was planning on traveling to did not.)

I hear Dr. Miller's recent updated book is great. Order it from Amazon.



answers from Los Angeles on

Dear L.,

I know that parenting is tough as there are many decisions to make in regards to how to raise your children. And it can be very scary and difficult to make many choices due to all of the conflicting information out there. My husband and I decided not to vaccinate our dazzling son Dylan who is now a little over 6 months old because we've seen too many children who had received their vaccinations and had adverse reactions that caused permanent and irreversible damage. Not to mention all the new links between autism and vaccinations.

I highly recommend the website:, and I also suggest reading The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization (12th Edition) by Tim O’Shea. It has some very eye opening information about vaccinations. I truly feel every parent should read this book before deciding whether to vaccinate your child or not.

Also, L., there is an amazing vaccination workshop happening in Culver City this weekend. (See below for the flier). Hoping you can make it!


With love,
L. (Mama to 28 week old Dylan Orion) : )))

*Note: The flier says from 1-4pm, but many people (especially parents) can't commit to the whole three hours. THAT"S OK! Come for as much as you can. If you have to leave after the first section it's completely fine. See you there!


Guest Speakers:

April Renée
Keynote Speaker for VIC (Vaccine Injured Children) & Former President of TAAP (The
Autism Autoimmunity Project). After the loss of her vaccine injured autistic daughter, she
embarked on a mission to expose the cause of all "labels" such as Autism, ADD, ADHD,
Diabetes, Arthritis, Depression, MS, Endometriosis, ALS, Fibromyalgia and Cancer.


Gary L. Tunsky, ND
Cellular Disease Specialist
International speaker/author and is a licensed Traditional Naturopathic Doctor. He has
opened up new doors to the world of customized human cell restoration treatment protocols and applies strategies for fullbody detoxification, herbology,
heavy metal chelation, oxygen/ozone therapy, homeopathy, vibrational/energy medicine, immune modulation therapy, pH modulation, metabolic typing and biological response modifiers. His non-toxic, non-invasive cellular treatment strategies are directed to a wide spectrum of degenerative, metabolic and autoimmune disorders that are so prevalent in the 21st century.

Culver Palms United Methodist Church
Sunday, April 20th (1-4pm)
4464 S Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230

###-###-#### (Sarah)

Sponsored by Sarah Lozoff of Motherpath Doula & Tricia Ortega of Kid To Kid

VIC (Vaccine Injured Children)
Autism is 1 in 150 children today and it's impossible to have a genetic epidemic!
For more information visit or email [email protected]

Sarah Lozoff
mama.doula.childbirth educator
[email protected]
213. 291. 2537


answers from Los Angeles on


Good FOR you!!! I have a 5 month old that had her vaccinationatons at 4 months. I really wish I'd done what you done and asked that question. I really regret not finding out because my sweet, beautiful daughter still has yet to bounce back from her immunizations. Her personality has noticibly changed dramatically.

I'm not comenting about the autism because I don't know, but I know that I noticed changes in my daughter and I know that I will postpone the 6 month shots.

Just wanted to give you a mother to mother hug for investigating! You are wonderful mother!

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