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Updated on December 11, 2009
C.H. asks from Lincoln, NE
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Does anyone have any advice IF I end up having multiples? My fiance and I will be starting to plan our family after we're married. And there's a high rate of multiples in his family. Is there any way you can tell yourself, IF your having multiples, before the ultra sound? Any help in this area would greatly be appreciated.


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answers from Minneapolis on

I can only speak for myself, but my first pregnancy was a singleton (1 baby), my second pregnancy was with triplets, and I am now pregnant for the third time with one. With all of my pregnancies, I had different symptoms, tiredness, constipation, heartburn, reflux, feeling 'green'. All were different, but my multiples pregnancy didn't lead me to think anything was different, until I had my ultrasound...then I about fell off the exam table. All are healthy, 9 yo, 7 yo triplets, and baby due in April'10. Good luck to you!

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my advice is to love. i absolutely LOVE having twins. they are amazing...i feel so lucky. the boys are each other's best friends, they always have a playmate and (an enemy, depending on their mood). my little girl wants my attention alot these days (she's 2), when they were her age, they would just play with each other. isn't that great? :)

i knew that i was having twins, an intuitive feeling, prior to the ultrasound.

good luck to you!!

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I'm not SURE, but everything I've read suggests that your chances of having multiples don't increase if it runs on the dad's side--it has to be on your side. Multiples are made by you releasing two (or more) eggs, or by your eggs splitting. Neither has to do with the dad's swimmers. If you guys end up having a girl, then SHE could carry that propensity for multiples when she gets older and starts having babies.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I agree with Tami. I have two singles and a set of triplets. I knew very early on that I was having multiples, but only because I was having very serious complications. Without the close observation I was receiving, I probably wouldn't have known. But unless the multiples in his family are identical, you shouldn't have to worry. Unless, of course, the multiples are a result of fertility treatments which you think you will need as well.

Good Luck

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answers from St. Cloud on

Read "Full House" about the Anderson quints. Karen Anderson (the mom) helped write it. It is a laugh out loud funny book that shares their experiences, struggles, and joy of having multiples. A very EASY read.

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