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Itching After a Sunburn

S.W. asks from St. Louis

I wanted to see if anyone had some advice on why I itch after a sunburn and what to do about it. More than a week ago I got a minor sunburn on my legs while at the b...


Snow Sunburn

S.D. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, My 14 yr old daughter got a snow sunburn on her face while skiing. And the swelling has me worried the most. Should I be concerned? She has few blisters, n...


Painful Sunburn

S.M. asks from Dallas

I have never been in this much pain from a sunburn in my entire life. We went to the beach on Saturday and I made sure everyone was wearing plenty of sunblock - excep...


My 3 Month Old Has a Sunburn

J.O. asks from New York

I took my dd for a walk in the baby bjorn this morning. I didn't put sunscreen on her and now she has a sunburn on her face. Thank goodness she was covered everywhe...



N.F. asks from Boston

ok well i feel aweful. My family and I went to the race track ad i put sunscreen on him but I forgot to reapply!!! I feel like a horriable mom. He got a sunburn and I...


Bubbly Sunburn

M.O. asks from Minneapolis

I need advice on cremes or aloe vera or somehting. My sister in law went tubing down the river un supported by sunscreen and now her legs have burned and little blist...


Treating Sunburn

H.A. asks from Chicago

My 6 1/2 months cheeks and nose got a little burnt.....what can/should I do?


Sunburn Help

S.B. asks from Little Rock

Hello to all. We were in the "shade" all day and our 9 month old is sun-burned soooo bad. it is on his face and arms. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!


Easing Sunburn

J.F. asks from Rochester

Aside from using Aloe Vera, do you ladies know of any remedies for soothing sun-burnt skin? I'm looking for any suggestions, both pharmaceutical or natural (though na...


Bad Sunburn

A.C. asks from Buffalo

Help I have really bad sunburn on my back and shoulders. I have had it for two days now and it really hurts. Does anyone know of a way to get rid of the burning pain?...