Sun Protection

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Sun Screen for Highly Allergic Child

M.D. asks from New York

hi moms! i have a 20 month old who is allergic to EVERYTHING from foods to meds and everything in between. this is a new thing, this time last year he had no healt...


Sun Screen

E.M. asks from Louisville

I have a very fair skinned little blondie who is always getting red! I have tried about 6 diff types of sun screen and each time shes red the next day. have any of yo...


Face Cream and Face Sun Screen

J.G. asks from Chicago

With the summer sun coming, I'm thinking of changing face creams. I currently use Clinique, some H2O on my eyes, and then Olay night cream. A friend just recommended ...


Sun Protection

K.I. asks from Washington DC

How paranoid should I be about the sun when going on little jaunts and walks with my 6 month old? I have her wear a hat and sometimes sunglasses but the rest of her ...


Spray on Sun Screen

J.C. asks from New York

So I went to use it the other day and my friend said that spray on sunscreen has been shown to cause sterility. Anyone else hear this? I did a quick Google serc...


Best Sun-block and Insect Repellent

A.M. asks from Indianapolis

I know this question has probably been asked a thousand times but when I use the search tool, I get Q&A from 5+ years ago and I can't find the recent ones I remember ...


Sun Protection Advice Needed

D. asks from Chicago

Hey Mamas, I wanted to get some advice on the best sunscreen for a 6month old- there are tons of different brands- any you guys would recommend? I bought a sun shirt...


Sunblock and Kids

A.C. asks from Detroit

I am having my annual summer angst over sunblock for my kids. I ran around all day in the sun as a kid with no sunblock, but I know the atmosphere has changed so that...


Sunblock on Newborns??

R.A. asks from Chicago

I just talked with dr. office and they say I cannot use sunblock on my 2month old until she is 6 months old...They suggested dressing her in long sleeve onsies..hello...


Concerned About Sunblock.

E.D. asks from Boston

I have an eight week old daughter named ella. I have read just about every where that babies can't wear sunblock until six months... Ella was born April 1, 2007 so i...