Do You Keep Your Kids Out of the Sun from 10-4? - Los Angeles,CA

Updated on August 27, 2010
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My daycare has 3 outside times for the toddlers and the 2nd outside time is right around noon when the sun is hottest! Should I ask that my child not be taken outside during the 2nd outing or am I being ridiculous? Do you keep your kids out of the sun from 10-4 as recommended?

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So What Happened?

Thanks Mamas. I already provide sunscreen which they put on before each outing and I'll start providing a hat. Thanks for the reassurance! I can think myself crazy sometimes when it comes to my baby :)

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answers from Miami on

Hi S.S. I see you received great responses. So I will add a thought:
1. There are special hats that have built in SPF so if you are concerned if the caregiver will not put on sunscreen, that is an option.

2. put on a lot of sunscreen in the morn before going out.

Take care. Jilly



answers from Columbus on

We go out in the am and come in about lunch time. We wait till about 4:15 or 4:30 to go back out and stay out till about 6 pm.

Good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on

i personally would not push sunscreen. as i have suspected for years, there are now a lot of studies showing that slathering your body's largest organ with chemicals repeatedly has a lot of potential problems.
find out how long the outings are, and if there's shade available. there are lots of loose-mesh tops and sun hats you can provide to give your child a physical barrier (not a chemical one) if it's going to be more than 15 or 20 minutes.
we love the sun, and i've never restricted my kids from it. we have used sunscreen in moderation over the years, but for the most part shade and sensible clothing work best.

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answers from Los Angeles on

No. I wish my kids were out more! People need Vitamin D. If you are worried, have them wear sunglasses (sun glare and eye damage worries me more than skin damage) a hat (for eye protection) and sunscreen.

I have a friend who was in the process of adopting a 1.5 year old child. The little girl barely ever went to the park, which is sad. With my friend, she was outside a lot, so much that her hair turned blonde! (Her other kids had black/brown hair.) So cool! Good for them.

And like someone above said, now there is concern over too much chemicals, so for the past 2 years, I don't even put sunscreen on my kids. My fair skinned daughter does fine, no burns.

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answers from Orlando on

As long as they are being protected I would say it's Ok. Hats, sunscreen, or even a UV light weight shirt (not the swim rash guard). If you use a sunscreen, use an all natural screen, I would imagine you wouldn't want chemicals on your child all day everyday, hopefully! It's good for them to get outside, and separating him/her from that activity might make the child feel like an outsider (maybe?). But, I don't think your concern is ridiculous, I would feel the same way!

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answers from Orlando on

I don't. Just be sure to put sunscreen on them every morning and if you're really REALLY concerned, send sunscreen and ask that one of the daycare teachers apply mid day. At my daughters daycare they had lots of trees.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

u r being ridiculous, but its fair to want to keep your kids SUPER SAFE.
But overly protective and worried all the time ONLY CAUSES STRESS!
People are meant to be in the sun, and VIT. D IS VERY IMPORTANT!
As long as the periods of time are controlled AND there are trees/playgrounds to provide part shade, there's NO BIG DEAL :)

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answers from Dallas on

You might want to ask your provider what circumstances would they keep children inside for play time.
for example, in texas if our ozone reading (?) is a certain warning color the outside playtime is significantly diminished or moved inside completely.
The heat also plays a factor in the child care center's decision to keep children inside to play vs. outside.
I bet your providers can give you a little peace of mind on that front. I would say if any of their policies don't jive with health concerns of you and your child, ask what alternate plans can be made when the mid day break goes beyond your comfort level.
Oh, I let my kids just go out and play and sunscreen them up in the AM:)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

For the most part I do keep my kids out of the sun for long periods of time between the hours of 10-4. Questions I would ask the provider: Do they put sunscreen on the kids before going out? If you provide a hat will they put it on him/her? How long do they stay outside? Is the play area shaded? Do they allow the children to drink so they stay hydrated?

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answers from Chicago on

Nope, I let my kids go out and play, and do does our daycare provider. The sun provides vitimin D. Most times I don't even put sun screen on them unless we are going to be out for more than an hour at a time. If we are going to be out in the sun. The best sunscreen to apply is one that doesn't contain vitimin C. Research shows vitimin C increases skin cancer and most sun screens contain it.

Both my kids have a well established tan and their doctor said he'd rather see them with a tan because it tells him that they are outside playing.

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answers from Chicago on

I haven't read all the responses so maybe this is redundant but, to be totally honest, that sounds silly to me. Sun is important. Most of us have a Vit D deficiency because of staying out of the sun too much. Let your baby be outside and getting some rays!

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answers from Dallas on

We live in TX where it is EXTREMELY hot during those hours and no, I do not keep my children out of the sun during that time. Sometimes my 2 1/2 year old son will go out into the backyard to play, we will sometimes go for a walk (with the children in the wagon), we've gone to the swimming pool before, etc. So long as the children are well hydrated I don't know why they should be kept indoors. If you are worried about sunburns then ask them to place sunscreen on your child.

Staying out of the sun and in the air conditioning that much is actually harmful, in my opinion. I was raised on a farm and spent most of my days outside in 100+ degree weather in jeans, boots, and t-shirt shoveling out barns and other work in the sun that caused me much sweat. Because I spent so many of my days outside I am the only person I know that can stand this 100+ degree TX heat and not be bothered, even doing long walks and hikes. I even mow our yard at the noon hour sometimes and so long as I keep hydrated I am fine.



answers from Houston on

I used to pooh pooh this before I had children and lived in south texas LOL, but this last week it has been 105 degrees, and to be honest it has been way to hot for me to be out let alone my kids, we go out for a couple of hours in the morning, and maybe again at 5 ish - even 4 is still way to hot here.

I think it depends on whether the kids are out there baking in full sun, or if it has tree or roof shading, no shade - then I would not feel good about my kids being out in that



answers from Houston on

My kids go out at all times of the day (we're in Houston). I would just want to know for how long they are outside. I'm guessing it's only 20 - 30 minutes or so each time which I don't think is a problem. Also, is their play area shaded? My only concern really is that the play equipment will be hot if there is no shade and the first child to try to go down the slide might get burned that way. Also, do they apply sunscreen or do you do it before sending your child to school?

But to answer your question, no I wouldn't ask that my child not be allowed to go outside.

Good luck,


answers from Bellingham on

While I'm not a stickler for staying in from 10-4 and don't watch the clock. I do judge the day and the UV index warnings on whether or not I take our kids outside during peak sun hours. We ALWAYS have sunscreen on in the morning and then re-apply if we go outside.

I'm a big advocate of prevention and it's known fact that sunscreen and proper attire is key in preventing skin cancer. And while so many of us forget that our kids won't show up with it now, but the ramifications of our actions in their childhood directly affect their future.

That being said, you cause your kids more damage by locking them in a room and never letting them outside (which I'm so often tempted to do, to prevent any kind of danger). So I say, level with your daycare, tell them that you'd really rather they be cautious about that time of day and find out what they are doing to protect your kids. You trust them to watch over your little one each day and it's their job to do that.

Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I just make sure my daughter has sun screen on and has plenty of water to drink. They need the fresh air and exercise.

Just felt the need to add a few things:

Here in Michigan, we get spells of very hot (90+) and humid weather and this summer seems to be more than typical, so on those days I limit her time outside. She still seems to tolerate it better than I do! Also, when the weather is like this and if the day allows for it, we'll opt for the pool or the lake to help stay cool. My daughter loves to swim and if I kept her in from 10 to 4, she would never get the chance.

It seems to me that too many kids are being raised in these climate controlled bubbles and then have no tolerance for hotter days, colder days, a little rain, etc. My stepsons were like this and it was so hard to get them to play outside for any length of time at our house because they were so used to just sitting inside the AC and just watching TV for as long as they liked (since their mom allowed it, and there were other factors at work here, but that's a whole other issue). As long as they are protected from the sun, are well hydrated, and you exercise a little common sense, they'll be fine.



answers from Des Moines on

I wouldn't be too concerned, unless they are spending the day outside. If it's for short periods of time, like recess...they should be fine. I have had Melanoma twice(first at 20, second at 22), so you would think I would be paranoid about my 3 kids. I sort of am...during the summer, if we plan to go outside for more then 20 minutes, I slather them up. And if we are at the pool, they are covered repeatedly! If it makes you more comfortable, ask they apply sunscreen before heading out. My son is the only one in school so far. He doesn't wear it for recess, but if they are going on a field trip and going to be outdoors, I send some to school with him to be applied.

Thus far (almost 8 years), none of my kids have had a sunburn (knock on wood), and I plan to keep it that way. Big trouble to the first person who allows this to happen to my kids! lol...will probably end up being me now that I have said that!

I was told for myself as a preventative measure, to avoid being outside during the warmest hours (10-3)...but you just can't. You have to live your life. And 10-3 with kids and not going outside is NOT possible. I just make sure we are protected and that's about all you can do. If you can't still live your life, what's the point?



answers from Sherman on

NO WAY! We put on sunscreen and head out!



answers from San Diego on

Hi S S I'm a daycare provider and we are advised not to have the children out during the hottest hours of the day, hats and sunscreen only protect from sunburn, it does not protect children from heat stroke or heat exhaustion or any other heat related issues. I know this is late but wanted to share this with you, and any other moms who may get a chance to see this. J.



answers from Las Vegas on

Out here in Vegas, my children do get a lunchtime and mid-day recess but they are very short and I always slather them up with a broad spectrum sunscreen before they head out the door. Now, I used to live in LA. I'm not sure what area you live in but if you live towards the coast where you have that nice overcast weather most of the time, I wouldn't be too concerned. But wearing sunscreen is a must not matter the climate, no matter the weather.

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