In Need of Infant's Safety Gate or Playyard Gate

Updated on August 31, 2007
K.O. asks from San Antonio, TX
4 answers

My now 8 1/2 month old is getting around much more on the floor, wanting to crawl, etc. I need to start shopping for a safety gate of some sort to set up to give him room to move around and play, etc. We don't have any stairs, so just something to block off an area in the living room or bedroom for him to play and crawl and not get into anything he shouldn't. We reside in a somewhat small apartment right now. Not sure if there is a gate I can purchase that I can extend around an area the way i want it or if I have to purchase a play yard gate that can only be set up in the round. I hope I'm making sense on my questions. Any suggestions on what to purchase and where would be quite helpful. Also, what should I expect to pay on something like this?

Thank you.

K. O.

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answers from Dallas on

Just some advice :) We have always had the wooden baby gates to block off our living room from the rest of the house. It has worked fine, but my mother-in-law just two weeks ago stepped over the gates like we do, instead of removing the gate and going around it. Her shoe got caught on the gate and she fell and broke her wrist at our house and had surgery last week. I would highly suggest a gate that is swinging with a latch instead. We are in the process of looking at those now. We need several, as we do have stairs. I feel awful about what happened, but they are a must. We just have the wrong gates for people coming over to visit. We can get over them without a problem, but it was not smart on our part to have them with other people around. If they don't remove them and walk over them, then there is the risk of what happened to us last week..Just a thought! I am not sure of the cost of all of them, but I have seen these types of gates in the $20-something dollar range in ads and on the internet. I know they go up from there. I hope this helps you. I found some on and did a search for them and found reviews. The reviews will really help you decide on gates from people who have already used them. HTH!!



answers from Dallas on

You can get some at Target and a few at Wal-mart, but there is better variety at Target. I just looked some up on the internet and found lots of good choices there. and
Target has free shipping if you spend $50 and wal-mart has site-to-store pickup (no shipping charges). Good luck!



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We have a First years gate that you press down on a peddle with your foot and push it open with your knee...great when you arms are full. It has worked wonders!

We also have a First years gate for the stairs that has a knob that you push in and turn. We love them both!

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