Safety Gate for Narrow Doorway

Updated on January 05, 2008
A.B. asks from Redondo Beach, CA
4 answers

Hi. Does anyone know of a safety gate for a narrow doorway? Our bathroom doorway is 24" and I can't find a good gate that narrow. Thanks for the help!!!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on


I don't know where you live but Safer Baby on Ventura in Studio City is a great place to look.... They've got a lot of them all set up so you can see how they work. They aren't open on Sunday or Monday!

Good Luck,



answers from Honolulu on

Get a retractable gate... They are a bit more pricey than normal ones, but you adjust how big or small the opening is.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A.,
I would check out Target...the safety first plastic gates. I got one from them and it fit in my bathroom door. It's one of the ones that you push down from the top. Hope it helps!



answers from Los Angeles on

First off, I like your name. My daughter's name is Amira : )

I have a very inexpensive wooden gate ($10 at Target) that works for narrow spaces. I'm not positive without measuring it, how wide it is at it's smallest, but I've put it up in my bathroom doorway and it's a pretty narrow space as well.

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