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On-line Home Schooling for Teen

K.S. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for a on-line home schooling program for my daughter. She is 15 and we are debating on sending her back to HS. I need a program that she could get a hig...


Sylvan Learning Center for Tutoring with Math

Q.M. asks from Philadelphia

I'm am getting ready to enroll my 10 year old daughter in Sylvan Learning Center for tutoring with math. I paid for her to be tested and found out that she is only o...



M.G. asks from New York

What is the best way to prepare for SAT exams. (Thanks for your answers in advance)


Does Anyone Know How College's and Military Seek Out Your HS Student

D.D. asks from Phoenix

My son has been sent many college post cards, letters etc. for schools all over the nation. Some have gone as far as saying with the ACT score of this you would get t...


I Need a Coach for Dealing with High School System

A.F. asks from San Francisco

My son is in sixth grade at a private school and we are not sure we will also be able to afford private high school for our two children. I like the school they are i...


At What Point Do You Make Your Child Memorize Their SS#?

N.B. asks from Minneapolis

I sooo need to get mine to! UGH! I can't remember when I finally needed to remember mine, but I know I was older..17/18 maybe and was applying for a job. My daughter ...


Workshops for Financial Planning for College

C.C. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 2 years away from going to college and in the past year we've started to receive all sorts of literature about college workshops that claim to help you...


Best High Schools in Las Vegas? Elementary?

S.M. asks from Las Vegas

Our family will be moving soon and I am looking to move to an area close to where my daughter will attend high school and son in elementary, I plan on moving permanen...


Work/Family/Self Balance

A.F. asks from New York

My husband and I just had a second daughter seven weeks ago and we have a five year old. I plan on staying home at least a year and then I think I might want to get a...