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SAT Prep - Should I Sign Up?

S.H. asks from Seattle

My daughter is going to be a junior this year and will be taking the PSAT in October. I received a flyer from the school advertising an SAT Prep class for $319.00 (c...


Retaking SAT?

A.G. asks from Houston

Have you ever heard of anyone re-taking their SATs in high school? This woman just told me she scored 800 on her SATs the first try but because she was trying to get...


High School - What Things Make You More Attractive for Colleges and Scholarships

S.T. asks from Denver

Hi, Glanced over some prior answers. I have a son heading into High School next month. What are the most important things he can do to increase the likelihood of get...


Follow up to My Earlier Question About SAT Study

P.H. asks from Dallas

Thank you very much to all of you who shared what your kids did to study for the SAT test. Your advice was very helpful. I've decided that although my son has fantas...


Limit Computer Time of 16 Year Old Daughter

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

She is a junior in HS. She is a good student and is attending a SAT prep class in the summer. She wants to spend the time that she is not in class on the computer - g...


Text Books and Scholarships and Dorms... Oh My!

R.M. asks from Columbus

My son is a sophomore in High School. We've had all sorts of different college-based talked with him over the past year and a half. To be honest, I think the poor kid...


Back to School Schedule panic...anyone Else?

J.B. asks from Boston

Does anyone else go through this phase every year where you know that once your kids are back in school and sports that there is going to be one schedule conflict aft...


End Year Gift for a FANTASTIC Teacher...

T.M. asks from Tampa

What would be appropriate in this case? My son's first grade teacher has been amazing and my son has just flourished in her classroom. She has gone out of her way a ...


Plano 10Th Grader Needs Tutoring for SAT

G.D. asks from Dallas

My coworker is looking for a good tutor who can help his 10th grader prepare for the SAT. Her gifts are creative rather than in language or math. She is very sweet. T...


SAT Study Guides

P.H. asks from Dallas

Would you please share with me what books your kids used to study for the SAT? I bought "The Official SAT Study Guide" that the College Board published. I read that...