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Updated on September 14, 2009
S.M. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My daughter (7) appears to have a pronounced pigeon walk, more specifically with her left foot (she is left-handed too). It seems as if she swings her foot around and when it lands it is more pointed in-ward instead of straight.

She has some falls, not enough that I would say her foot is the problem, since her siblings can have the same amount of accidents and seem to walk more straight.

Although my oldest son has a slight swing to his one foot too, but doesn't do it consistently, seems like when he is aware, he will walk more straight.

At any rate, any ideas of how to go about evaluating my daughter's walk and non-evasive measures for helping correct.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Wow, it sounds like my daughter has a very similar problem!
She is 7 also, and has been "pigeon-toed" since she began
walking.(actually, the medical name for it is "intoeing"
which I never knew until I began my research on this!)
We thought she would outgrow it, since it runs on my husbands side of the family...but it has not. Her last
checkup the Dr. said it was "femoral anteversion" where the
femur bones actually are turned inward. She said that braces do not help and surgery is only for very severe cases. (Not that I would want to put my d. thru that!!)
My husband wants a 2nd opinion and they said to see an
orthopedist, or go to Gillette in St. Paul. It isn't a
huge problem, but she dropped out of dance classes because
she couldn't do all the positions without losing her balance, and in her case I do think she trips over her feet
alot. She often stands with her feet turned in, paralell
to each other!
My advice to you is to google "femoral anteversion" or "in
toeing" and you will find many websites that explain
it and various types of the intoeing. Good luck to you!!



answers from Green Bay on

I'd ask your primary care physician about a referral to a physical therapist for an evaluation.



answers from Omaha on

My oldest son starting walking that way too about the same age. I consulted with his physician and he said there wasn't any physical reason why he was walking that way. So it was up to me to re-train him how to walk. It was a constant reminder to walk correctly. It took awhile but he walks correctly now. I would first consult your physician and precede from there.



answers from La Crosse on


First, have you consulted your pediatrician? One of my boys had pretty severe toeing in. Because my mother and grandmother demanded that I see a specialist, I took him to a pediotrist. The doctor said that his problem would correct itself by the time he is 12. He's 11 now, and it is much better than it had been. Check with your doctor and if you feel strongly about it, ask for a referral. Your doctor will understand and will be able to tell you if it is serious or something your child will grow out of.




answers from St. Cloud on

My advice would be to see a child orthopaedist. Both of my children ended up having the bone from the knee to the ankle bent. The doctor gave me some exercises and also we had to get orthopaedic shoes for them. They both seemed to straighten out really good. Talk to your doctor, I'm sure he will refer you to someone who can help you. Good luck and God bless.


answers from Janesville-Beloit on

One of the podiatrists I worked for used to tell people to put their shoes on the wrong feet. Obviously not in public but when she is home. Its worth a try and doesn't cost anything.



answers from Minneapolis on

I'd just check with your doctor, first. My 4 year old toes in and when we had her doctor look at it he said her legs are actually turned in her hip sockets. There's nothing that needs to be done--in fact, she'll probably be faster because of it. The only way to correct it would be surgery. So just because she toes in, it doesn't necessarily mean putting the wrong shoes on will help.

The other suggestion her doctor had was that putting her in dance might help her be more aware of controlling her body. But he said she'll be fine and not to worry about it.

Good Luck!



answers from Eau Claire on

I would ask you Dr. how serious of a problem he thinks it is. Will it affect her running, playing sports, dancing etc? If not, maybe just make her aware of it so she can attempt to walk straighter, but don't make a big deal.

I'm a pigeon toed walker myself, but its not very severe, just a small turn in with my right foot. I've found as an adult that it really doesn't affect me at all and no one really notices either. Of course I'm not a very sports oriented person and I never have been, but I always did fine in gym class and was one of the fastest runners.

See how your Dr. and your daughter feel about it and how severe it is before getting too worried.

Good luck!

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