Toddler Is Pigeon Toed

Updated on June 03, 2008
M.T. asks from Bedford, TX
6 answers

Hello. My 18 month old son is pigeon toed. We noticed that when he walked, his left foot moved inside, but when he stood still, it went straight. My doctor has said that he will grow out of it, and that there isn't really anything they can do unless it is severe. Recently, my son has been falling down more. I don't know if it because of his foot, or if it is because he is starting to run more. Does anyone else have this problem?

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answers from Dallas on

I just went through all of this and my son is now 4 1/2.
His foot turned in slightly when he was born but because he went to NICU for 2 weeks it was overlooked.

They would check his feet at every Dr appt and every annual exam they saw it turned in and said he outgrow it. At 2 years they started to get alittle concerned and watch it more carefully and at 3 yr and by his 4th bday last Fall they felt it should of corrected. So we went to Podiatrist (foot specialist and also to Scotishrite hsptl (childrens hospital)
They didn't feel he needed correction surgery at this point they don't like to do surgery unless they have too.

However the Foot specilist saw my son and in 5 min knew he had a turned foot and its caused from the foot turning in
during pregnancy. His foot was stuck in my ribs actually.
It is called Metarus Addustus also causing his shin bone to start turning in. He wears a special shoe insert in his shoes to help his foot be more straight. He doesn't even know there there, and his foot isn't perfect but helped him falling by at least 50% less. I hate seeing him fall so much and 50% is better than before.

If you think there a problem see if your Dr will refer you to a foot Podiatrist ( foot specialist) they will know if he will need any help. My best friend daughter had special shoes the 1st 2 years of her life and her feet are so straight now.

Sorry so long but if you think there something wrong than it don't hurt to have it check out by a specialist. I decided I would at least get 2 opinions before I just let it go.

Good luck !!! The Dr said it beter the younger you take them.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter had this problem when she was around 18 months also. She would be walking and just trip, then she would look around like someone pushed was cute and funny all at the same time. She has since outgrown it but I don't recall what age hte pigeon toe went away.



answers from Dallas on

Hello Megan,

My daughter was having a similar problem. specially when she was tired. she kept tripping on her left foot. it turned out to be her hip out of place. after chiropractic treatment, she's doing great. she's six now. However I started her treatment when she was about 2. after a couple of months she was doing so much better. A lot of places say to wait until they're 6 - 7 years old... I think by then it's too late! act now that you have a chance to remedy the situation with less invasive treatment. Of course should your son need surgery, then you know you tried. keep looking until you get the answer you are looking for. ~C.~



answers from Amarillo on

Hi! Been there done that! My daughter was bowlegged and pigeon toed my son was pigeon toed also! The doctors said it would be out grown!
We heard through other familes and even a doctor to get them good walking shoes and put them on the wrong feet! I did this for six months with my daughter and shes fine now! My son i think i only did his that way for four or so!
Best of luck!


answers from Dallas on

I was/am and my daughter is/was.

I pu my daughter in "high top" walking shoes until she was past the "figuring out how to walk" stage (around 3). I was told by my dr not to put her in sandals or to let her go barefoot for a while.

The putting the shoes on backward...I've heard of that before...but make sure you dont' do it for too long or he'll think that's the way his shoes should feel...and putting them on the right way will feel "wrong" to him (cousin had similar issue with daughter as well).

I would invest in a pair of lace up high tops for him and let er rip!

Oh...and not to be the barrer or bad tidings...but my daughter STILL walks toe over toe (she's skinny and knobby kneed) and has to THINK about walking with toes pointed sraight (or I'd tell her hey...straighten out that foot).

Good luck. Smiles to you.



answers from Dallas on

My son has had this problem since he began walking. I believe there is more than one disorder that causes someone to be "pigeon toed" so it depends on what's going on with your son. Sometimes it's a bone shape defect or sometimes it's a hip placement defect. I'm sure there are others, but my doctor said that my son's has something to do with the way my son's thigh bones were positioned and that the majority of people outgrow it by the age of 8. I don't remember the name of the disorder, and there is a possibility he won't outgrow it, but that's rare according to our pediatrician.

I've never heard of putting the shoes on the wrong feet before that some of the other moms mentioned. That's pretty clever. I may try that to see if it helps. :-)

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