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Updated on July 11, 2011
S.D. asks from Des Moines, IA
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Hey camping/rv people out there! We will be making the trek from Florida to Colorado in about a month & had previously decided to tent camp the entire way. We then were extremely blessed to be given a travel trailer (woohoo) so our plans are adapting as we look into rv sites rather than tent friendly sites. I've come across info regarding Passport America and it seems like a stellar deal - $44/year membership & receive 1/2 off participating sites. I've mapped the route we are taking and it looks like there are member sites all along the way. Do any of you have experience with this club or another in the same vein? Are the campsites decent & well kept generally?
Another quick question: our youngest is 11 months old & when we intended on tent camping her pack & play was the perfect suggestion for sleep since our tent is huge. There isn't a lot of floor space in the trailer though & I'm not sure how we are going to do this. The trailer has a 3/4 bed (my husband & I), the dinnette folds down into a bed (we want to put the bigs - 6 & 3 - on this) and then a bunk bed above the 3/4 (we didn't intend on using it this time). Anyone have any suggestions? Is there a play pen that is super narrow that would fit better than the one we have?
Any ideas are appreciated as this is our first time camping with a trailer, all previous camping has been done with a tent. Thanks a lot!

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answers from Boston on

I looked into these 50% off websites and decided to pass. We do a lot of tent camping so thats why I looked. I decided to pass because a lot of the places don't take the discount over the weekends or some of them don't do the discount during peek season. It just wasn't worth it for us.



answers from Omaha on

You can also look into the "America The Beautiful" pass on for reduced camping at National Park Service, Corps of Engineers, and other Federal agency campgrounds. It also covers entrance fees to many national park units.



answers from Raleigh on

Former RVer here- We were members of Good Sam RV club. We got discounts at their approved campsites. We had great success with their suggestions- always nice and great places to camp out.

The downside is that they do send a lot of junk mail which we found not to be helpful- but it could be to someone looking for their additional services.
Also, we have a 10 mo old. We have a pink Arm's Reach Mini co-sleeper which is free standing or can be attached to the side of the bed. Sounds like that might be good for your daughter for sleeping, as it is small and compact, and is easily folded down, but I wouldn't suggest putting the baby in to romp around. Anyway, just a suggestion. Have fun! We loved RV'ing, and sold our camper recently to buy a new house. We miss it!
Take care.


answers from Kalamazoo on

KOA kampgrounds are alwasy nice and no member fee. Not always the cheepest, but always clean, safe, nice pool, playground, cable etc. It's nice to know that if we pull into a KOA after dark, we kinda know what to expect there. And they have lots along main highways. We drove out to Yellowstone last summer and stayed in KOA'a on the way out and the way back in our RV.
Can the baby just sleep with you? Anyway to attach one of those portable rails to the bed. We had a small travel trailer one time and camped with my then 6mo old. He slept in the shower/tub!!! The edge was tall enough that he couldn't get out and I just put blankets on the bottom! You could also use a large enough box? Might have to be braced in some way as to not tip over though if he was to stand up......



answers from Jacksonville on

KOA's are always nice.
We have a baby pod tent that we originally got to take to the beach abd pool, but we've also found it's handy to take on vacations when were staying in a hotel. It folds up small and pops open when needed to be used. I think they are $40-50 at Babies R Us.
When we recently went to visit family we stayed in a camper and my 6 yr old and 3 yr old slept in the bunk beds and they move quite a bit.



answers from Cleveland on

you can always put the 6 yr old on the bunk bed (my grandmother has a camper that has two bunk beds in the wall, the table folds down to a bed a couch the folds down into a bed and the space above the bed is also a bed) and they are safe and enough room for a 6 yr old to sleep as long as he is not moving around a whole lot in his sleep and so the 6yr old and 3 yr old are not kicking eachother n picking n fighting. you can always get a little cot for the 11 month old to sleep on

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