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Munchkin Fresh Food Teether

Hello, my little boy just turned 7 months old. I received a two pk. of the Munchking mesh fresh food teethers for my shower and have still yet to use them. My baby is eating stage 2 foods three x's/day and loves it! He is also heavily teething right now. I am not sure what to put in this thing. I have heard strawberries, but not sure of what else. I also heard of putting meat in them? Ew..what kind? Do your babies like this product? Thanks!


Getting Fluids Down

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was...

Sippy Cups

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No More Sippy Cups??!!

I am SO ready to throw out the sippies! My kids are 5 and 3 (next month). I really want to get rid of them for good, but there is one problem with doing this: My kids love to wake up, come lay in my bed, turn on cartoons, and have a warm sippy of milk. [It takes them less than 2 minutes at most to finish it, so I am not concerned about there teeth, we also go to the dentist and they are good, and its the only time they use a sippy, so thats not a concern either.] As much as I want to get rid of the sippy, I still want them to be able to...


No Sippy Cups?

So I've seen many questions with posters that state they do not/will not use...


Which Sippy Cup?

Hi, my son has been using the sippy cups with the rubbery straws. It's very...


The Sippy Cup

hello all, My son just turnned 19 months and has been using the nubby...