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What's the Best Money You Ever Spent on Making Life Easier?

Hi Ladies, I thought I'd ask you this question because I am SO happy that I had a large coat closet converted into a pantry on one side and closet on the other. It makes my life so much easier because I feel more organized with the pantry. My mom tried talking me out of it by saying stuff like..... "Oh save your money for more important things.... you don't need that." Well.... true, I don't NEED it, but it sure has made life easier since I can fit my canned foods in there, trays, tuperware, etc... without having to run to the laundry...


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Does Anyone Know If the Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor Is Worth Getting?

I just had my second child about 9 weeks ago and I am thinking about getting one of these movement sensors. I never really worried about SIDS with my first but for some reason I am really petrified that something is going to happen to my little girl while I am sleeping. It is making it hard to sleep at night and now that I am back at work I need all the sleep I can get. Does anyone think this will work good enough to help ease my worries?


Ped or Not?

We traveled to NYC last weekend, and I think my son (almost 5) picked up a...