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Where Does Church Youth Group Activities Fall into Grounding?

E.T. asks from Dallas

My friend and I are having a debate and I'm curious how other parents handle this situation... When a child is grounded, are they still allowed to do any church relat...


What Would Your Punishment Be?

T.B. asks from Eau Claire

Here is the situation: 16 year old junior in high school. Doesn't turn in a 100 point homework essay due to "writer's block". Due to this, she is failing English...


Appropriate Punishment for Teen Son

C.R. asks from Columbus

Hello, I've just been notified that my 13 year old is missing assignments at school again! This has been a struggle ever since middle school started. I'm trying to ...


Carrying over Punishment???? Yes or No?

D.H. asks from Rochester

My daughter who is 7, disobeyed me when I clearly stated: turn off the TV and clean up. My punishment was a 5 min time out. My husband believes in no TV or computer...


Your Opinion on Corporal Punishment?

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

I'm not really for it, especially because my daughter's only 2.5 years old. Studies also show that positive reinforcement works better than positive punishment (posi...


Punishment for Sneaking Out at Night

R.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi, My daughter, 16 years old, and her three friends sneaked out of our home last night and we noticed this at 4 a.m.!!! My husband immediately called our daughte...


Appropriate Punishment for Teenager

T.B. asks from Eau Claire

My daughter will be 13 next weekend. She pulled a stunt today that deserves punishment, however we are unsure of what to do. She had permission to walk the mile hom...


Punishment... I Think I Messed Up....

R.D. asks from Richmond

My 5 year old was caught swiping Easter candy, hiding the wrappers, and then she LIED about it.... so she's grounded this weekend. No TV, no friends, no fun. My 7 yea...


Grounding My Middle Schooler

L.H. asks from Cedar Rapids

Hi Ladies I need a little advice from any moms who have a little insight on 12 year old Boys. My son recently lied to me about his where abouts and who he was with....


Grounding from Sports?!?!?! YES or NO?

S.S. asks from Santa Barbara

Hi mamas, I need some help. My son just got his 4th detention in 7 days of school. I'm fed up. (He's 11 and in the 5th grade.) The detentions are all for screwin...