Grades & Performance: The First Years

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A.H. asks from Spartanburg

This may sound unrealistic but I really thought my 7 year old daughter would get all A's on her first report card. She will most likely have all A's and 1 B. I have...


Returning to Public School for Grades 7-12 but I Have Fears

S.M. asks from Phoenix

My daughter is very smart and will do best in the PreAP/AP program. I enrolled her in Christian school because I want her to have a faith and I wanted her to come out...


Bad College Choice by Daughter

M.C. asks from Detroit

My daughter is 18. She has lived with her dad for the past 7 years. She wanted to live with him, so I turned over custody. I have had very little to do with my dau...


Does This Make Me a Bad Mother LOL? Teenagers and First Jobs...

J.B. asks from Boston

So I feel like I should feel bad about this but I totally don't and it's not the kind of thing I can share in real life. My daughter, 16, (technically SD) is a great ...


Retention for Reading in First Grade; Was This a Bad Thing?

K.B. asks from Dallas

We are in Texas in a pretty strict school. My son needed to on a level I this year in order to pass on to second grade. A little background information; He struggle...


Single Mom and I Can't Afford Living in a Good Neighborhood- Any Tips?

V.L. asks from San Antonio

My ex and I separated two years ago. My daughter will be starting school next year and I am panicking because all of the good schools in my city are in neighborhoods...


Can Anyone Explain to Me How Tenure for Teachers Is Good for Students?

J.X. asks from Los Angeles

Just got done watching "Waiting for Super Man." It made my blood boil. I'm sold, tenure does nothing good for students. Though for the sake of hearing both sides, ...


Is Being a Only Child Really That Bad?

A.S. asks from Reading

my son is 2 and a half weve been taking about another child but were at our limit now with money time and energy. we dont really have outside help either. BUT i don...


Teenage Boy and Jr High

L.G. asks from Rockford

I'm looking for advice on ways to get my 13 yr old son to bring up his grades in school. He is a D average student and is fine with that. I ofcourse am not! has anyon...


Teenage Son Slacking His Freshman Year.

V.S. asks from Billings

My son is 15 years old and has always been on the honor roll until now. I am so heartbroken over this. He continues to tell me that it's harder this year. I know he's...