Girls Night Out - What to Do??

Updated on October 07, 2011
J.R. asks from Bay City, MI
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I am lucky enough to get a girls night out about every 2 weeks. Not all my friends can make it but I invite them all each time. My question is - sometimes I or some of the other girls can not meet up until later, so the night for us starts around 7-7:30. Besides dinner and drinks and/or maybe a movie - what are some other suggestions for us to do? We can not stay up too late since we all have small toddlers that will wake us up bright and early the next morning. Our hubbys laugh at us and say we are boring :)
Any suggestions? We are not into the nighclub scene at all.

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answers from Chicago on

Indoor paintball or reball
Lazer tag
Mini golf
Dave & Busters
Coffee shop
Chocolate shops

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answers from Tallahassee on

What about bowling?

Also, not sure if there is anywhere that stays open late enough, but what about going to get pedicures/manicures? I've done that with my girlfriends before and it was awesome. We all just relaxed and chatted while we got pampered.

We have a couple of pottery painting places around. I always thought that would be to do with some girlfriends.

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answers from Jacksonville on

How about a winery? I went to a girls night to one, and thought I would be bored out of my mind, but it was SO much fun! Just a warning though, eat a bunch while you are there, wine can sneak up on you really fast!

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answers from Richmond on

OFF TRACK BETTING BABY!!! Actually, I haven't done that for a girls night yet, but I really, really want to for my birthday :)

The ladies and I actually usually meet up for lunch during school hours with the babies... nothing says 'classy' like having a Long Island Iced Tea with 6 toddlers running around ;)

In all honesty though, IF the ladies and I are lucky enough to get out in the evening, sans husbands, sans kids... we don't do much. We'll go to whichever family restaurant is having a late happy hour, sports bars are great (guys like to buy married women drinks, LOL!!), have dinner and a few cocktails, and call it a night. I WILL wear a full face of makeup, hair done, rocking some 5 inch heels to some cheap restaurant just to say I got dressed up and out of the house ;) And bring a camera!!... that's the most entertaining part, I think, documenting and having proof that I actually got out of the house with my girlfriends and no kids hanging onto my legs!!

Have fun :)

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answers from Dallas on

My girlfriends and I look for all the Happy Hours at expensive restauraunts that we couldn't afford otherwise. The service is wonderful, and we make a full meal off of half-price appetizers.

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answers from Detroit on

I have a group of girls that we do a GNO every month and so far everyone has said everything we have done. Here are a few others things.
Wine tasting at someones house: Everyone brings their favorite wine, the host takes them when you arrive, cover them in colored paper so you can't see label, then go through each one guess what it is. We had a blast with this one.
Find a candy/cake supplies in the area that does classes. Pick a class that everyone likes.
It's fall go to a cider mill and do some of the haunted stuff. Or paint pumpkins and make caramel apples
At Christmas do a my three favorite things party. Each person brings three of their favorite things totaling $30 or less. Then treat it like a pirate gift exchange.
Have fun!



answers from Dallas on

Go play Bingo somewhere. I go a couple of times a year and have a blast.


answers from Lexington on

I LOVE going to comedy shows! Have a few drinks and a few laughs...great time!!



answers from New York on

We have an every-other-month Ladies Night In! It's great! We actually go to eachother's homes and have dinner and then play board games or cards. Sounds nerdy, but at the last one we did some crafts... add some wine and it's a blast! OK, so I'm pregnant and it was iced tea for me but the conversation and crafts were fun.

We're boring too, but it's just nice to go have dinner with my girlfriends, talk about our kids, school, shopping, vacation- whatever and relax! We also treated ourselves to a cooking class last year- had a chef come to my friend's house and teach us how to make some delicious foods- that was a great night!



answers from Dallas on

Things we've done are:

paint your own pottery places
potluck at someones house
jewlery making (a girl in our group makes professional jewlery so we sometimes get together to have mini classes and go home w/somthing nice)
walks around a lake in our area
We rented a horsedrawn carriage once to see Christmas lights and sipped on the provided hot chocolate and apple cider.
Played Catch Phrase for a game night (this is a favorite of my group)


answers from Lansing on

Sounds like my girls night out. We do dinner and drinks...usually stay out until around 11pm, sometimes earlier. Not exciting over here either, but we enjoy the talks we have. We only are able to get out once a month.


answers from Dallas on

paint your own ceramics
you could start a craft circle, making Christmas gifts, scrapbooking, baby quilts.
you could use this night to do some pre-Christmas shopping. Meet at a restraunt bar near the mall. Have a drink or two, then head over to the shops to browse with your girlfriends.



answers from Detroit on

Haunted Houses

Ghost Tour

Bellydance or Pole dance class

Comedy Club

Play (many communities have theater groups so the tickets aren't expensive)

Cookie Swap

Paint your own Pottery

Strip club

Scavenger Hunt

Jewlery making class



answers from Kansas City on

we like to find a comfy coffee shop and just relax. There's one around here that has sofas, and we just hang out.



answers from Houston on

My girls nights out aren't sitting around, so not sure if you'd like these ideas...

Self defense class.

Wine bar.

Rock climbing.


Pool (we go to Main Event - indoor entertainment venue).

Painting/Pottery class - byow (bring your own wine).

Mini golf.

Racetrack (we have a dog track on one side of the city and a horse track on the other side).

Hockey game.

Bellydancing/Pole dancing class.

Cooking class.

have fun whatever you do!

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