Family Gathering: Child

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Holiday Gathering Woes

A.M. asks from Cincinnati

Hello, my husband and I both come from homes with divorced parents. Each side is remarried and they ALL live near us. Holidays are a nightmare as our families think ...


6 Year Old Allowance

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is almost 6 years old. She has no concept of money. She thinks that it is ALWAYS available to her. I want to start giving her an allowance, so she can ...


Holiday Visits with Family

B.S. asks from Odessa

I would like to get some advice on what we should do. How do you divide up time between parents and in-laws as far as holiday visits? Ever since my brother got marri...


Holiday Dilema with Family

A.S. asks from Allentown

My boyfriend and I have been together for abotu 2 1/2 years and just bought a house 2 months ago. Last year we made an agreement that every other year we would switch...


Holiday Plans

K.H. asks from Boston

Has anyone ever broken from a tradition to start their own? Myhusband and I have 2 children now, and we used to go to his Aunt's house on xmas day- in between my mom...


Holiday Issues

M.T. asks from Austin

Maybe I'm thinking too much into this so let me know what you think. Our situation in a nut shell. Married so of course 2 sides of the family, husband's parents divor...


Another Crazy Holiday Bday with Family!!!

A.S. asks from Reno

My name is A. and my son will be 2 on Fourth of July. For his first b-day we had two parties. One on 4th of July and another one week later. I spent a huge amount o...


What to Do When Mother in Law Picks Inconvenient Time for Holiday Gathering

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

We live in the same town as both my parents and my husband's parents. In the past, for holidays, we try to divide the day between the two families (lunch at one, din...


Upset About the Holiday Season Why Does It Have to Be So Crazy??

S.T. asks from Kansas City

when I was growing up we didn't travel to see my family for holidays my dad was sick so it was just my dad mom and sister so needless to say when I got married I was ...


Special Holiday Ideas

M.H. asks from Hartford

Hello Mamas, I have seen this in the past & thought I would ask since the season is upon us. What special things do you do for the holidays. We celebrate christmas, ...