Early Intervention

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Is My Baby Girl Behind in Her Development at 9 Months Old?

R.L. asks from Boston

Hello there! My baby girl is 9 months old, and I am very concerned about her development. She recently had her 9-month visit and her pediatrician was very surprised a...


Expressive Language Delay

J.F. asks from Boston

I was wondering if any moms have delt with expressive language delay in any of their children? My 17 month old son doesnt speak at all. We are having him evaluated ...


Anyone Out There with a "Tentative" Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

D.C. asks from Boston

Just hoping for some feedback. My 2 1/2 year old son just got evaluated by early intervention and had an autism screening. He failed 4 "key" questions. The pediatr...


27 Mth Old Won't Talk

E.M. asks from Texarkana

my 27 mth old is only speaking in the capasity of a 12 mth old. I have already enrolled him in Early Childhood Intervention(ECI), and he is in speech which is helping...


How Do I Know If My 22 Month Old Has a Speech Delay?

K.S. asks from New York

My 22 month old seems to be talking a lot less than her friends who are all the same exact age. Sometimes I think she is saying a lot but then when she is around her ...


7 Month Old Baby Not Verbalizing...cause for Concern?

J.T. asks from New York

Hi- My daughter will be 7 months old in a few days and my husband and I have begun to notice that she isn't "talking" as much as other babies her age. In fact, she b...


Question/Vent Regarding Speech Therapy (Updated!)

M.E. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter is receiving speech therapy through our local early intervention program. She receives two 1/2 hour sessions each week and has standing appointments. The ...


Gift for Therapists

M.K. asks from Chicago

Hello Mamas! My son is about to exit the Early Intervention program. We have an incredible team of therapists -- some of which have been working with my son for 19 ...


How Much Speech Should a 20 Month Old Have

R.K. asks from Springfield

Hi. I was recently at the doctors office for my 7 yr old son and the pediatrican he saw which isn't their normal doctor seemed to think that my 20 month old was not ...


Toddler Not Walking and Possible Low Tone?

S.C. asks from Seattle

My 16 month old daughter isn't walking and just recently learned to pull up and cruise. Our Pedi suggested at her 12 month c/u that she seemed to have mild low muscl...