After You Call Early Intervention, About How Long Does It Take?

Updated on August 26, 2011
J.B. asks from Lanoka Harbor, NJ
7 answers

After you call Early Intervention, about how long does it take for a therapist to come out to your house?

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answers from Boston on

In mass it wasnt that long, maybe 3 weeks?? They called to set up the initial evaluation with the speech, occupational/pt therapist, and dev specialist and once the child is classified as being able to have services starts the following week.. we had someone come to out house 2 times a week (one speech and one developmental specialist) and then went to a group play group once a week put on by early intervention.. I never heard it taking 60 days but that could vary state to state.. Also dont get discouraged if your child doesnt qualify for services.. with all the budget cuts your child has to have a signifigant delay to get services.. it is like the kids who only need a little bit of help fall into a loophole where they would do well with service but cannot have it. Good luck!!

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answers from Cleveland on

its a 45 day period from the time you first call to when you start the therapy (atleast in ohio it is) for my daughter a therapist DOES NOT come to the house we go to speech about 10 minutes away once a week and her help me grow and Ei specilist come to the house about once every other month to see how she is doing

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answers from New York on

There is a very extensive process... the evaluation has to be conducted first. That typically needs to be completed within 30 days. Then the team meets (including you) to talk about the results and decide what your child needs (usually within a week or two of the eval). Services start quickly after that!

Plan on about 30-60 days from the time you initiate the evaluation.

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answers from Chicago on

If I remember correctly within 30 days.



answers from New York on

In the city of New York they MUST do it within 30 days and they did for my daughter.



answers from Houston on

took about 2 months on my end



answers from Sacramento on

For me it took about 3 month's. But well worth it. Im so glad we did. My son started at age 3. He was in speech and OT. It was call the PIPPP program. Like a preschool. He has sensory intergration,fine motor delay,speech at that time. No longer needs speech.

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