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Updated on January 17, 2011
L.R. asks from Bethesda, MD
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I am currently living in Montgomery County, MD where my child who is 3 receives intensive speech therapy. This includes 2.5 hours daily, 5 days a week in a classroom lead by a speech pathologist and special educator with other children his age and development level. Montgomery county provides this service (to include busing him to the local elementary school where this is held) for free. Before he turned 3, he received physical therapy as well, which was in our home, once a week.
We are contemplating a move to the Nashville area where my husband would be employed at the Sarah Cannon Research institute, so I assume we would live somewhere within a reasonable commute to that office. Does anyone know about the services that would be the equivalent of the above that are offered to pre-schoolers?

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answers from Washington DC on

Try to contact their board of education and see what services they offer. Explain to them what services your receiving at the present time and see if they offer something similar. I would also research the area to see if there is any private practices for speech just in case they do not offer the amount of services your getting through the county presently. Another suggestion is once your certain your relocating, I would send any paperwork to simplify the process of getting your child services. Usually they have to evaluate the child to see if they qualify, which I am sure you've been through that already in Montgomery Co. See if there are any release forms you can fill out so that the school/ doctors can share the information regarding diagnosis etc. so nothing holds up services. Good luck!

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answers from Nashville on

I live in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, which is about 25 miles S of Nashville. My daughter has been with TEIS (TN early intervention services), since she was 16 mos old. She is turning 3 at the end of this month and will be transitioned into the school system. They cannot work with TEIS past thier 3rd birthday, but from what I understand, the same services are available. In the city of Murfreesboro, they have a preschool where children who need special services can attend.. and it is free. My daughter will start there in Feburary and will get speech and OT at the school. Right now, she is getting OT from a private therapist and the state pays for it, but once she enters the school system, she will get the same services, but with the OT and speech therapist employed by the school. If we want to continue to use the therapist we have been using, we will have to use our insurance to pay and pay the copay. From what I have been told, every school district in TN has a program like this, some of them are just located at the grade schools rather than a separate preschool like the one in Murfreesboro. Hope this helps!!



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hi, i live in gallatin which is in sumner county. i know that at 3 the county has to give this service through the school system. i don't know how intence it is though. in nashville there is a place called bill wilkerson. great place. my mother was a speech teacher there before getting hired into the sumner school system. that was a longgggg time ago. i would check out the school thing first before deciding where to live. there really isn't much difference in davidson and sumner county. for the drive. check other countys too. i would pick the best one and live there. i little further drive is worth it if it works out to be best for your child. mom of 7, R.


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This kind of made me chuckle, because my brother USED to live and Nashville and NOW lives in Montgomery County, MD. :D
I am pretty sure that Early Intervention is a national thing. My 3year old just started getting help from Early Intervention this week, and it sounds very similar to what you have your son in (mine is only there four days a week though). I would probably check with your child's current school councilor and see if she/he can help you get information before your move. Good luck!

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