Decongestants: Claritin

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Claritin and Milk Supply?

K.S. asks from Toledo

Today my physician prescribed Claritin for my very persistent sinus problems and I am very hesitant to use it, as I'm afraid to lessen my current supply for my 12 wee...


Claritin or Zyrtec for 8 Year Old?

N.R. asks from Chicago

Do you have preference for one or the other for kids? Claritin I give in the AM; Zyrtec can make you drowsy, so I'd do that PM. Doctor said I could give both in one ...


Best OTC Antihistamine to Use

S.S. asks from Columbia

My allergies are going crazy!!! I am breastfeeding so my doctor recommended I not take my usual Zyrtec because it shows up in breast milk. I have been taking Benadr...


Allergy Meds That Won't Dry up Milk Supply

S.S. asks from Nashville

I have been suffering from the usual seasonal allergies lately. My doctor says that it's fine for me to take Benadryl, Claritin, or any Tylenol products while I am n...


Can Singulair Affect Your Milk Supply?

L.H. asks from Washington DC

My doctor recommended that I take singulair since zyrtec is no longer working for me. I'm nursing a 6 month old and I am concerned that it will affect my milk supply....


Behavioral Problems & Antihistamines?

J.C. asks from Chicago

My 2-and-a-half-year-old son has had a cough for the past three months. I know this is now considered a chronic cough. At times it is very productive and at other tim...


Sick Breastfeeding Mom Needing MD Whose Rx Won't Affect Milk Supply

A.J. asks from Dallas

I have had an awful cough in my chest for the past 4 days and it's only getting worse. I believe I'm infected and need a good doctor willing to give me solutions tha...


Safe Anti-allergy Medicine for Pregnant Mom

J.P. asks from Los Angeles

i am 13 weeks pregnant and i have such a big, big craving for crabs! my problem is i am slightly allergic to them. normally, i would just take one tablet of ceterizin...


Medicines NOT to Take While Breastfeeding

A.B. asks from Phoenix

I have heard that antihistamines help dry up milk (which is what I am currently doing)....but can I feed my babies breastmilk if I am taking antihistamines????


What to Take for Allergies When Breastfeeding

S.M. asks from Cincinnati

I was wondering what any of you take for allergies while breastfeeding!! I have tried Claritin and Benadryl. They both don't work very well for me. I am not breastfee...