Color Blindness: Toddler

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Color Blind?

S.F. asks from Indianapolis

I have begun to think that my son might be color blind. He turned 3 in Sept. & still doesn't know any colors. He can count well & is starting to know his shapes but...


Color Blind

A.J. asks from Dallas

Dose any know how to tell if your 3 yrs old is color blind? I have a 3 1/2 yrs old little girl and me and my mother have been trying to teach her color but all she sa...


Can a Toddler Be Color Blind?

K.L. asks from Hartford

I have been thinking my 4 yr old has been color blind.She still has trouble with her colors and shapes,But is it possible for a toddler to be color blind? We do ha...


Is My Toddler Color Blind

H.H. asks from Orlando

My 3 year old daughter is doing so well learning her letters and numbers and her colors, but seems to consistantly confuse red and green. I know that many people who ...


Possibly Color Blind Toddler?

L.S. asks from Philadelphia

Dh and I have noticed that ds#2 (2 and half) often calls red purple. Sometimes he gets upset when we correct him. It's hard to tell if it's just his age or is it a co...


Can Toddlers Be Color Blind?

L.S. asks from Dallas

My son is 3 and Im wondering if it's possible for him to be color blind? Is has his wellness visit in May and Im going to talk to his ped about it but has anyone else...


Color Blind or Too Premarure and Academically Challenging?

D.L. asks from Denver

My daughter is having difficulty identifying colors. I think she may be too young to grasp the concept,but at the same time she is great with her alphabet, numbers i...


When Can I Find Out If My Son Is Color Blind?

H.C. asks from Denver

My son just turned 3 a week ago. He is great with counting to ten,etc. He is doing great with everything he is supposed to be doing at this age. Although, when it ...


13 Year Old Son Color Blind?

M.M. asks from Springfield

Okay i dont kow why i havnt asked this sooner, but my 13 year old son is color blind and can only see purples and blues, so picking out clothes every morning is somet...


Worried My 22 Month Old May Be Color Blind...

C.H. asks from Chattanooga

My son will celebrate his 2nd birthday on March 30th, and I am a bit worried that he may be color blind. Over the last couple of months I have been working with him o...