13 Year Old Son Color Blind?

Updated on November 15, 2011
M.M. asks from Springfield, IL
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Okay i dont kow why i havnt asked this sooner, but my 13 year old son is color blind and can only see purples and blues, so picking out clothes every morning is sometimes hard. he normally comes out then i have to go back in his room and pick out someting that matches. he has the color of things on the tag of his shirts, but he does know what colors match with what. we did tell the school and they help with the monthly map coloring activities he does, lol. but any of you moms have any suggestions, it gets real anoyed with its sometimes, and he is my quiet kid in the family.

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answers from Tulsa on

Why don't you group outfits together when you are putting the clothes away? Or have a chart that says what colors go with other colors posted on the wall. And everything goes with jeans.

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answers from Wichita Falls on

When I do laundry, I put matchig outfits on one hanger(shirt and pants). It saves on time and hangers, and my color blind husband doesn't have to ask if he matches.

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answers from Redding on

It may be frustrating for you at times, but this is something that he will have to learn to manage throughout life.
Color blindness isn't all that uncommon in males, but they can get along just fine with some help.

I would group things together that match for him. Shirts in the top drawer match pants/shorts in the second drawer. Group things together with dividers for things that hang in the closet. Seperate things in different laundry baskets so he can put his own clothes away. As he takes things off, he can put things in the laundry baskets according to what matched with what. These are all habits he'll need to get into anyway.
When he's an adult, he'll need to ask sales clerks for help as he buys things, but it's no big deal because as I said, it's not all that uncommon.

Alot of the kids around here think the "in" thing is to wear things that don't match and they do it on purpose.

It's not the end of the world. It's just a few extra steps to help him organize and keep track of things.

Best wishes!

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answers from Austin on

One of my mothers best friends is color blind.
He purchases clothing with friends. When he makes a purchase they number them on the neck with fabric pens or on the waist bands.

He was in the medical field before he retired so wearing scrubs was easy!
Maybe your son can study to be a surgeon!

Anyway.. he had the number on on things that went well in that group.. Pants/jeans, shirts, jackets - Like Blues

Then the number 2 were clothing that went with blacks. He used the iron on fabrics and then numbered them..

The number 3 with browns..

His suits were kept all together on hangers. When he took them to the cleaners, he only took one suit with the shirt at a time.

He needs to be honest when he shops. The sales people can assist on putting things together with him.

You and your son need to figure out a system so that when he leaves for college, he will have a handle on what is needed.

Keep in mind laundry and how all of the clothing will be in one basket, so the individual items will need to be marked in some way.


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answers from Des Moines on

We had a married couple that were friends. The husband was always questioning what he was wearing. He was concerned one day about his shirt, I acknowledged it was a pale gray. Later, I saw the Mrs., she laughed and said that her DH was concerned she would sneak pink into his wardrobe!
The easiest thing you can do is always have set outfits on one hanger, mix and match in a dresser. (Like jeans and various tops.)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Eh....It's a common thing. My son is also colorblind--it came out at a pre-school health screening. I, too, have some of the grey/green colorblindness, and my father, God bless him, couldn't match socks to pants to save his life!

What about putting his clothes in the drawers in "sets" that go together?



answers from Santa Barbara on

I was in a meeting yesterday for the technical specialists at the national clinical lab I work for. We were kind of complaining about how the results of how a new test is reported out (abnormals in blue, not red). We were told that 30% of physicians (I'm assuming population as well) are color blind so the red abnormals that we requested wouldn't work. I didn't realize it was that common.


answers from Los Angeles on

Time for a revamp of his wardrobe? Buy him only things that match...that's what I would do!

I see lots of black, gray, blues.

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