Is My Toddler Color Blind

Updated on July 03, 2007
H.H. asks from Winter Park, FL
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My 3 year old daughter is doing so well learning her letters and numbers and her colors, but seems to consistantly confuse red and green. I know that many people who are partially color blind cannot differentiate between red and green. But she can tell the difference when we are in the car at a traffic light. I try not to let myself get worried, but the other day I was looking at all the green in the trees and thought "What would it be like if I she couldn't appreciate this beauty?"
Trying not to get worried.
H. H

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the reassurance, everybody. I have been paying more attention and stressing less about it. I think she is just learning and mixes up the words. I may have obsessed too much by having her always compare red and green. Ooops... Oh well...If that is the only thing that is going to put her on a therapist's couch, then I'm doing pretty well. Thanks again!

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answers from Boca Raton on

Hey H.,

Just to pass along some information. My father is color blind (more common in males than females). He is able to differentiate between red and green, although sometimes when he describes colors he is a little off. For example he may call red pink and vice versa but is able to tell the main colors.

Take care,

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answers from Orlando on

take her to an eye doctor and stop worrying! my daughter mixes up brown and red, it could just be the shades, the sunlight anything! though color blindness is rare in girls!

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answers from Boca Raton on

Hey H.~

I work for an eye doctor he is out of town but I will ask him or the other doctor who comes in tomorrow....I will ask and get the answer back to you!! But I wouldn't worry too much, it may be nothing but a confusion issue she's having? (just a guess) Gernerally it is more common for men/boys to be color-blind and is Rare for it to be found in girls....the is a test for it but it deals with numbers....I will find out more info and get back to you........
Make it a GREAT DAY!!!!

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answers from Orlando on

It is more common for males to be colorblind, but females can be colorblind as well. Not to worry you further, but she may just have memorized where the lights are on the stoplight...she knows that when you stop, the light is on top, and when you go, the light is on the bottom. Have you tried testing her with other green/red things? Like trees...what color are trees? What color is an apple, etc? It may be a little early to take her to the eye dr for a test, since the test involves identifying numbers she may not know yet, but you could always call & ask their advice.

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answers from Melbourne on

Hi H.,

I wouldn't worry too much. People with color-blindness see all colors in shades of grey. If she can differentiate other colors, then your 3 year old might just be confused sometimes, or try to trick you.
Let me ask you this: Is her father colorblind? If not, then she will not be either. It's genetics...see, the trait for colorblindness lies on the bottom right leg of the X-chromosome, because there is nothing there on the Y-chromosome it is much more common for men to get colorblindness. A woman/girl can only be colorblind if her father is too, and if the mother has it or carries the trait but doesn't express it. For a female to be colorblind you need both X-chromosomes to have the trait, and if your daughter's father doesn't have that trait, neither does she.
I hope this soothes your concerns.

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answers from Miami on

Hi. I wouldn't worry too much about it. My son is three and he confuses green with blue and hot pink with red. I'm not worried about it. I think the colors might be a little similar to him, that's all.



answers from Honolulu on

First of all, I am color blind and isn't that bad. Sure that are some jobs she will not be allowed into (electrician, police, United States soldier...) but it doesn't hinder my standard of living. In fct I was an Art major.

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