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Used Clothing

V.M. asks from Cleveland

I look about 20 items to a chain consigment shop today. They took 3 things and refused the rest. Can anyone help me come to a happy place in my head about this? ...


Natural Stain Remover?

A.C. asks from Cincinnati

Does anyone know a good stain-remover for the laundry that is natural, without petroleum, bleach, fragrances, or other harsh chemicals? I only use Green cleaners in...


Help Me! Spots on My Clothes After Being Washed...

M.M. asks from Pocatello

I am going crazy with this problem. I use Tide to launder my clothes and Bounce dryer sheets. I continually get spots that look like either a wet spot or a grease s...


Does Anyone Recommend a Good Stain Remover?

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

I have noticed that the stains on my kids clothes are not coming out in the wash, even after I use Spray n Wash or Zout. I always check the clothes before putting th...


"Red" Cool-aid Stain on Carpet

I. asks from San Antonio

Does anyone know how I can get a red cool-aid stain out of my brown carpet. It is a very large stain. I tried renting a steam cleaner and soaked it with the shampoo ...


Laundry Stain Removal

B.D. asks from Chicago

Dear Ladies, I have never had this problem before and I am blowen away on how to remove this stain. The other night I decided to wash my daughters coat and the m...


How to remove ink stain from carpet?

K.H. asks from Tampa

Here is a very quick question. How do you get out ink pen from carpet? My 7 year old accidently broke the tip off of a pen doing his homework. As he was carrying it t...


Any Way to Get Out a Yellow Bleach Stain?

J.C. asks from Kansas City

I have a white cotton shirt that had a coffee stain on it. I treated it with Spray N Wash bleach gel and washed it but it was still there. So, I decided to try stra...

8 White Shirt Has a Yellow Spot!

L.K. asks from Dallas

I used a stain remover on my white shirt and now it has a very faint yellow area.....What do I do? BTW..the white top has a dark cardigan attached to it! HELP



S.C. asks from New York

I was wondering if anyone can help me get a stain out of a satin christening dress? I think it may be spit up.