How Do I Get Acrylic Paint Out of T-shirt?

Updated on October 27, 2008
K.C. asks from Salina, KS
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While I was making lunch today, my five-year old artist decided to mix acrylic paints and create a lovely shade of pea green. He made a very nice picture; but in the process, he got all of the colors plus the pea green all over his new t-shirt. I have it soaking in laundry soap now and will apply peroxide if that doesn't work. Any other suggestions? Thank you.

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So What Happened?

I think the paint is there to stay. Oh, well. My son is definitely an artist. We have his artwork in probably every room in the house - including some on the bathroom walls. LOL. I do not mind him painting at all. Just reminded him to let me know if he's going to paint, so we can get some paint clothes on. Thanks for all the responses. :^)


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I think it is time to let the little guy decorate the t-shirt with more paint, 'cause what is there is there to stay.

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Hi K.,
You can try Sol U Mel from Melaleuca, it gets rid of 100% of it without any damage, it really gets rid of almost any stain form anywhere! Get sharpie off from linoleum floors and saved my white leather couch from them too! I am also using everything from the same company now, but I am not doing the business side, I can still enroll people in the company if they want to purchase there but don't want to work the business because I do jewelry and I am doing that full time now.
If you would like to give them a try I can help you with that without the sale speech (check and follow the tour to know more about them).

Good Luck!


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Acrylic paint is there to stay. My kids use acrylic paint to create t-shirts because it doesn't wash out. It comes off of skin and hard surfaces very well if you catch it before it dries but clothes and upholstry are a different story. Not a good choice for a 5-year-old unless he's wearing a paint shirt and pants you don't care about.

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it won't come out. acrylic paint hardens to a plastic material, esp in clothing. you might try mineral spirits, it works for oils, but i would't count on it coming out. sorry!



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Hi, K.,
I recently got some out of my daughter's new, favorite white cotton shirt. I think it was the hair spray that did the trick. I am living in Shanghai, so not sure what the presoak stuff I used was, but I soaked for 24 hours & off and on sprayed with hairspray (the heaviest kind; lacquery) and scrubbed with toothbrush. I also sprayed some collar spray and since it was white, some bleach. Bleach did not seem to affect it, since it was dried on top of the shirt. She was thrilled.
Good luck & God bless. Hope to come back to states for good in 2009 [need prayer with that!!! :o) ]
P. B



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Hi K.,

As the wife of a professional painter, I am sorry to tell you that I know of nothing that will get that out. If I did, my husband would go to work every day with his painter whites looking like new.
If you find some miracle product or procedure, please do let me know, too. Seriously, I would love to know !
I'm so sorry about the new shirt.
Next time, try cutting head and armholes in a plastic garbage bag and have him wear this while he paints to protect his clothing.
Be sure to praise his creativness though ! He sounds like a smart little guy !



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Acrylic paint I belive is permanent you copuld try hairspray I hear that is good for stains



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PAINT THINNER QUICK!!! It works wonders on paint on clothing, carpet, shoes, etc. that is still wet. If you let the paint dry it probably wont be nearly as effective. Good luck!!

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