Bad influence: Child

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5 Year Old in Trouble!

M.L. asks from Spartanburg

Hi Moms, I am writing again regarding my daughter who is five and started K5 this year. If you read the previous post this is a continuance of that one. My daughte...


Influence on Daughter...

K.H. asks from Burlington

DD(17) is intent on getting a tattoo once she turns 18 in a few months time. I would love to be able to influence her not to get one, but the thing is I was about her...


Should I Disallow My 5 Year Old Son from Sitting on My Lap or Giving Me Kisses?

K.F. asks from Cleveland

Hi! I'm a divorced mom of a 5 year old, almost 6 year old boy. My son likes to give Mommy hugs and kisses every day, and if I'm sitting watching TV sometimes, about e...


Re the "Bad Influence" Question, What If It Was Your Kid?

T.S. asks from San Francisco

I was pretty disappointed in the responses to a question asked earlier. A child tells his mom that so-and-so swears and is vulgar, so the mom decides this kid is a b...


How to Limit My Teen's Time with a "Bad Influence" Friend?

S.T. asks from New York

So my teenage daughter's best friend is polite, well mannered, fun to be with - but I've learned that she's "been with" a number of different boys on one night stands...


Negative Influence

J.H. asks from Lima

I need serious help! My daughter just turned 6 and is usually well behaved. My 10 year old niece is quite different. She acts outs for attention all the time, has no ...


Disciplining 5 Year Old

R.P. asks from Dallas

My 5 year old son has recently started acting out at preschool. A little back ground here, we started a new preschool 2 weeks ago. Behavior has just started this pa...


Being a Positive Influence in an Angstful Teenager's Life

J.G. asks from Chicago

One of my friends has a 14 year old. Yesterday, he threw a teenage tantrum during an exchange he and I had. Sometimes we have these really nice witty exchanges, but ...


JFF (Sort Of) - What Does Your 5 Yo Watch on TV?

K.B. asks from Detroit

This isn't meant to be a debate on how much, if any, TV kids should watch. My daughter is now 5 and has been watching the shows on Disney Jr and Nick Jr since she was...


Bad Behavior of My Son's Friend

J.L. asks from Norfolk

My son's toys and trifles disappeared repeatedly. All the happenings occurred only when one of my son's friend came to our home and went. One day, my son found the bo...