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5 Year Old Snoring

My 5 year old son snores horribly at night. I have spoken with the peditrician numerous times and he always gives me the same answer. My son has very large adnoids (whatever they are) and he says that is the cause of the problem. Thankfully,he has never had any kind of throat issue (infections..etc) so the peditrician said there is really nothing to do about it. He told me to use a humidifer, which I have always used. When he sleeps I can actually see him struggling for air. I compare it to trying to suck something through a straw that's to...

Bad influence

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5 Year Old in Trouble!

Hi Moms, I am writing again regarding my daughter who is five and started K5 this year. If you read the previous post this is a continuance of that one. My daughter is not doing any better in K5. I spoke to another mom who is our neighbor and has a child in the same class and this mother has been in the classroom more than once and shared with me last weekend that she observed my daughter having difficulties in class. She said my daughter seemed very distracted, not focused, not interacting much with the other kids, being called down for...

Birthday Parties

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First "Friend" Birthday Party for a 5 Year Old

Up until now, we've only had family birthday parties for my boys. A friend of mine said she does the first "friend" party for her kids' 5th, and I think that's a marvelous idea. My son turns 5 in a few weeks, so now I'm facing my first friend party! We just moved to our area, so this will be good for cementing some of his new friendships from church. But I don't feel like I know what I'm doing! He wants a space-themed party, so we've been making construction paper planets and rockets to decorate with. And he wants a cake that looks like...


5 Year Old Birthday

Does any one have any recommendations for a 5 year old birthday party?? We...

Sleep overs

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Girls at Sleepover

My daughter told me at a recent sleepover that 3 of the girls were naked...


10 Yr Old Sleepover

I was wanting to know what would be the best and easist thing to serve for...