Adding Cereal to Milk: Similac

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Cereal in Bottle

J. asks from Chicago

My doctor recommended thickening my 4month old's formula with rice cereal to help his reflux. I tried a 3mo+ sized teat but it still gets clogged. Any suggestions or ...


Difference Between Similac Advance and Similac Go & Grow

I.J. asks from Odessa

Is it possible for similac go & grow to cause constipation on a 7 mth old baby? I didn't realize I was giving my baby go & grow and he has been constipated for about ...


Cereal in the Bottle at Night?

J.V. asks from Sioux Falls

Hello all... This is my first posting on this site so bare with me if you can for a bit. I had my baby 5 weeks early and just got to bring her home from the hospita...


Similac Vs. Enfamil

M.C. asks from Chicago

Hello Mommies! I have a newborn, only 13 days old. We've figured out she has a milk intolerance so we started giving her Similac Alimentum formula about a week ago....


Cereal in Formula

M.M. asks from Boston

My son is now a little over 3 months. He spits up a ton and it is often very chunky. The Dr says he has acid reflux. We have tried zantac and prevacid. We also ha...


Infant Cereal

T.D. asks from Lansing

My daughter is a month old. She is eating between 3 and 4 ounces of formula and still cries like she is hungry. She burps well, but i always feed her some more and th...


Too Early for Cereal?

L.B. asks from St. Louis

My son is almost 10 weeks old and has been on Nutramigen for almost 3 weeks now. It is working great and his symptoms of colic are pretty much non existent now....BU...


Good Start vs Similac Switch?

A.T. asks from New York

Hi, I'm thinking of switching my daughter from Similac senstive to Good Start easy digest. She seems to really dislike similac & it's making our feedings diffcult & l...


Has Anyone Tried Similac Alimentum Formula?

J.M. asks from New York

Someone suggested that I use Similac Alementum. My son is 6 months and gets real gassy and spits up a lot. He is now using Zantac due to a reaction to his Cereal. ...


Similac Alimentum Vs. Enfamil Nutramigen

N.S. asks from Dayton

Hi moms! I'm back again. My sweet boy is 12 weeks old and while this is NOT what I want to do, I'm beginning to feel its in my babe's best chance at happiness:-) I've...