What Type of Cereal Do I Give My Daughter That Has a Milk Protien Allergy?

Updated on August 17, 2011
A.F. asks from Toms River, NJ
6 answers

My daughter as a milk protien allergy and is on neocate formula... she also as acid reflux and her gastro told me to put cereal in her bottle (in order for her to keep any type of formula down because she kept losing wieght)...however she did not specify what type of cereal to give her (my daughter is 6 weeks old =( ... anyone know what type of cereal i should give her cuz right now shes on oatmeal and i can tell it irrates her and backs up her sometimes and than sometimes she has diaherra as wells as when she does have a regular bowl monement i see the cereal in her poop... i heard to try barly cereal but im not sure what the difference is.. any advice

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answers from Boston on

I'd get a second opinion. I've heard of adding cereal to bottles for severe reflux when meds aren't enough but I've never heard of starting this young. She can't digest that.


answers from Houston on

Why did she tell you to add cereal to the bottle? Oatmeal is too strong for her digestive tract.. really any cereal is at this age, it isn't usually recommended to start until 4-6 months old... especially with a child who has allergies, I would probably wait even longer to add cereal to a bottle. But if you absolutely must, use rice cereal. You only need to add a teeny tiny amount.

Rice cereal is typically the first complementary food introduced to infants. It’s made with gentle ingredients, and its smooth, fine texture is developmentally appropriate for your baby. Usually, oatmeal is the second cereal offered.

Wait about three days in between each cereal to see how your baby tolerates them. Watch for signs of allergy or intolerance such as diarrhea, rash, or vomiting. If any of these occur, stop feeding your baby that variety and contact your pediatrician.


answers from San Francisco on

Call the Gastro doc's office and ask them, I'm sure a nurse can help you over the phone :)



answers from Cleveland on

My daughter has a milk protein allergy. I gave her rice cereal, her pediatrician told me that or barley. She is also allergic to wheat, which is in oatmeal so I couldn't give her that. I started her on it at 4 months and shes 10 months now and still on it, never had a problem.



answers from Dallas on

have any of the DRs involved in her care tried a "thickener"? it's not a cereal, it's a RX i'm pretty sure, but it's not a medication, it just changes the thickness of the formula, making it less likely to travel back up the GI tract.... call your pedi and ask about it, or ask the pedi if here is a speech pathologist(they usually do feeding therapy) that could tell them what you're talking about. good luck! and on the actual cereal issue, i don't see whey regular rice cereal wouldn't work...



answers from Phoenix on

I didn't add cereal until after age 6 months. If she's sensitive, I'd wait. My kids were sensitive to the rice cereal until they were closer to 10 months or so. But I just gave them plain rice cereal. My kids are allergic to milk and gluten. Good luck!

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