Acne: Child

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My 5 Year Old Has Excema

A.G. asks from Wichita

My 5 year old daughter has excema. When she was an infant, it was so bad that she has scratches all over her face. She was reffered to a determatologist. He gave me s...


Teenage Breakout

M.R. asks from Austin

This isn't a crisis at all but just wondering what can be causing my daughters breakout. She will be 17 on Saturday and her skin has been clear all through the Middl...



D.S. asks from Appleton

My 17 year old daughter has a major case of acne she does everything she can to clear it up and it just seems to get worse when she runs a fever there bright red..I f...


5 Year Old with Acne

S.G. asks from Pittsburgh

My 5 year old daughter gets acne on her lip in almost the same spot. It looks like a white head but hurts her if I touch it. I dont try to pop them but just to put so...



K.G. asks from New York

Has anyone else had issues with acne since they have had children? I'm 33 now and I break out more now than when I was a teen. Any solutions?


Acne Solution

H.M. asks from Savannah

I always suffered with acne as a teenager but it became tolerable as an adult. I had breakouts again before I had my first child. When I went to the dermetologist h...


Acne Medications?

M.F. asks from Chicago

I'm 27 years old and have been struggling with acne since late high school. I've gone to see dermatologists in the past but all they've given me were creams that see...


Acne Medication

D.Z. asks from Fresno

Does anyone out there have a teen on the medication "Accutane". I have a 16yr old son with cystic acne and his Dermatologist is saying that this medication works won...


Acne Frustrations

C.G. asks from Seattle

I am hoping to hear others experiences with acne treatment. My teenage daughter is frustrated with her skin problems. She has inflammatory acne with pustules and de...


5 Year Old Girl with Hygiene Issues

A.R. asks from Kansas City

Hi ladies - I was wondering if anyone out there had a good idea how to get a 5 year old to start taking better care of herself. We have a doctor's appointment again ...