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Updated Oct 23, 2019

Mom Seeking Other Mom with Child with Tourettes

April 21, 2008 by Christine B. - Sarasota, FL

I have a daughter who is 10 and has been diagnosed with Tourette's disorder. She is also ADHD. I would love to talk...


Son with Tourette Syndrome

September 20, 2008 by Stacey W. - Cary, IL

Are there any parents whose children have Tourette Syndrome in the Northwest IL area?? I live in Cary and my son was...


Child Tourette Syndrome

June 25, 2008 by Jamie D. - Muskegon, MI

Does anyone have any experience with tourette's? My daughter is four and she is showing all the signs of having tour...



June 22, 2008 by Betty Jane F. - Great Falls, MT

My twin grandson (5 months old) has Torticolis on the right side. They have exercises and stretches to do for this a...

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